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Property transfers for Aug. 3
house sale

Property transfers recorded in the Bryan County Clerk of Courts office through July 26 included:

Thomas Robert Kabel to William Brancy Cummins, 46 Richmond Walk Drive, Richmond Hill, $272,000, July 20.

Alayham m. Al-Awaj to Mark Allen Swanson and Orna Bradley Swanson, 298 Chastain Circle, Richmond Hill, $430,000, July 20.

Landmark 24 Homes of Savannah, LLC to John M. Rawlings and Heidi M. Rawlings, 89 Whitaker Way N, Richmond Hill, $331,197, July 25.

Ernest Harold Fowler to Michael Skaife and Penelope Lee Cash-Skaife, 115 Sterling Woods Drive, $369,175, July 24.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Cheryl Denise Pipkin and Rebecca Ann Hay, 455 Wicklow Drive, $309,060, July 24.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Arelius Donte’ Riley and Alicia Lanier Riley, 285 Smoke Rise Road, $269,990, July 24.

Sinkhole, LLC to Jonathan E. Dukes and Amanda Sullivan Dukes, 115 E. Blackjack Oak Drive, $300,000, July 21.

Thomas F. Jack to Zachary A. Vance and Halye A. Vance, 347 Plantation Way, $292,000, July 20.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Lynn T. Keever, 105 J R Drive, Ellabell, $154,800, July 20.

Wilson Price to Lionel J. Rotelli Jr. and Ronda R. Rotelli, 428 Myrtle Grove Lane, $115,000, July 20.

Suntrust Bank to Dawn Braer and Joan Olivia Raymond, 303 Warnell Drive, $400,000, July 21.

John P. Williams to Timothy Graham and Cynthia Monteia Graham, 54 Whitehall Drive, $329,000, July 24.

Keller Enterprises, LLC to Cooper Lemonds, 220 Blackjack Oak Drive W., $277,000, July 24.

Kristopher Michael Ahrens to Travis Glynn Chipley and Clara Rosa Chipley, 112 Mill Hill Road, $280,000, July 25.

Estate of Sharon K. Ward to Mantis Pineiro and Melissa Pineiro, 393 Fancy Court, $230,000, July 25.

Sinkhole, LLC to David T. Kearney and Mireya H. Kearney, 1307 Black Creek Church Road, $162,000, July 25.

David A. Madura to Jennifer R. Alexander, 30 Pelican Court, Richmond Hill, $150,000, July 25.

Michael Roberts Custom Homes, LLC to Chance Edward Darley and Amy Draper Darley, 261 Abercorn Lane, $390,280, July 25.

Michael Roberts Custom Homes, LLC to Adrian Filyaw, 149 Belfast Pines Drive, $420,000, July 25.

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