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Comcast expanding its platform
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SAVANNAH — Comcast recently announced the launch of its new X1 video platform for customers in the Savannah area, including Liberty County.
Using cloud-enabled technologies, the X1 Platform provides access to Comcast’s library of live and on-demand video combined with a new on-screen guide along with apps like Facebook and Pandora.
The DVR-enabled X1 boxes let customers record four shows and watch a fifth at the same time. With “AnyRoom DVR” service, customers can watch recorded shows in any room, start watching a recording in one room and then finish in another, or have different recordings play in different rooms at the same time.  
The new companion X1 Remote app (available for free for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices via the iOS app store) lets customers use motions, gestures and voice commands to control the X1. For example, customers can swipe their iPhones or iPod Touches to page through the interactive TV guides and program personalized shortcuts and favorites. They also can shake their devices to pause On Demand content and use voice commands to navigate the guide and search for content.
For more information about the Xfinity service or the X1 platform, call 1-800-XFINITY or visit

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