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Campaign hit more than $1B in ads
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WASHINGTON — One million ads. More than $1 billion. Ten battleground states.

Those eye-popping figures tell the story of the 2012 presidential campaign TV ad blitz — never before has so much money been spent on so many commercials aimed at so few voters.

Television ads were the primary communications tool for the campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, despite the gradual but persistent shift of viewers from television to the Internet. The two campaigns, the political parties and their allied independent groups aired 1,015,615 ads between June 1 and Oct. 29, according to the Wesleyan University Media Project. That number is almost 40 percent more than the number of ads that ran in the same period in the 2008 campaign.

The candidates, parties and groups spent more than $1.08 billion total on commercials since April according to data compiled by media trackers and provided to The Associated Press.

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