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Bells set to ring in new school year
A summers worth of work continues as first day of class approaches
Workers continue preparations at George Washington Carver Elementary School as the countdown for the first day of school enters its final week. All county schools open on Aug. 10. - photo by Jessica Holhaus

Bryan County schools re-open their doors on Friday, Aug. 10 for the 2007-2008 school year. Now less than a week away, schools are gearing up to be ready.

"We did a lot of preplanning for the schools this year, especially when it comes to some issues that arise at the beginning of school. We’ve done a lot more work with the city and police department as far as the traffic, and we’ve made some improvements with our transportation department," Eddie Warren, chairman of the Board of Education, said.

Thursday, 81 new staff members attended orientation, with over 20 of those for new positions, created due to growth of the schools and curriculum changes, Warren said.

"We have some new curriculum, including Spanish at the elementary level, and German at the high school level, and those should be good additions to our program," he said.

"We’re gearing up for another great year," he said.

Dr. Sallie Brewer, superintendent for Bryan County Schools, said that the district is on track with this year’s projects.

"George Washington Carver Elementary and Richmond Hill Primary Schools have 12 classroom additions that are being constructed," she said.

"Our contractor assured us that four classrooms would be ready before school starts this year, and they are." This means that the schools will not require additional portables, but swapping current portables may be necessary, she said.

In addition to new courses being offered, Brewer said the real focus is on academics.

"Generally we set our goals for test scores. We want to improve on our own performance."

Brewer said she encourages parents to get involved with their children’s school life, particularly through parent activities, and school staff and system activities.

"One of the things that I’m very proud of is the Superintendent Parent Advisory Council," she said. "I encourage parents who have ideas or issues they’d like addressed to contact their council member at their child’s school."

The Bryan County Schools’ web site already has a list of parents elected by schools to serve on this year’s council.

The group functions as a forum for parents, and a way parents can give their input about improving the school system. The council meets quarterly, but council members will bring up any issues to Brewer as they arise.

Parents can contact their child’s school representative by writing to them at the individual school’s address or, if provided on the web site, through that person’s email address.

Back to school information can be read about on page three of the paper. With Georgia’s tax-free shopping ending tomorrow Aug. 5 at midnight, pick up any last-minute necessities before then.

State and local taxes do not apply to school supplies under $20, clothing under $100, and computers and computer equipment under $1500.


More information about the upcoming school year can be found at

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