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BCSO reports: Worker walks off with home's vinyl siding
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Theft by taking: Deputies were sent to a Scriven Road, Richmond Hill address on Sept. 28 where this allegedly happened: “(Complainant) advised that on yesterday’s date of Friday, September 27, 2019, a subject by the name of (we’re blacking it out) had stolen the vinyl off of his mobile home.

Vinyl siding was removed from the back side and half of the front left side of the mobile home,” according to an incident report.

The deputy then spoke to the tenant. She said the man got to the mobile home around 8:10 a.m. Friday and “advised that her husband had hired him to do some work around the house,” the report said. “(She) advised after her daughter got onto the school bus she went for a walk. (She) advised that her walk lasted for about 40 minutes and when she was at the intersection of Dixie Road and Scriven Road she (saw the suspect) at the stop sign leaving the area in a white Dodge truck. Whenever she returned home she noticed the vinyl siding missing.”

The owner was told how to get a warrant.

Unruly customer: A Highway 17 convenience store was the scene of an Aug. 23 incident where deputies were sent to the store “in reference to an unruly customer who was refusing to leave.”

The first guy they spoke to was a man “who was yelling and cursing while exiting ….” and told deputies “the man inside was yelling and threatening his sister ….”

He was told to go stand by his truck and wait.

Then a deputy spoke with the complainant, a cashier. She said a man was in line when a woman walked in the store, got confused on where the lines began “so she got in the shorter line,” and that’s when the man “began yelling at her and telling her the line was behind him,” so the cashier told the man to stop yelling at the customer. “(The cashier) stated when she did (the man, who was white) immediately responded by calling (the cashier) a racist, and stated that the only reason she was taking up for the (woman who got in line) is because she was also black.” The cashier said at that point (a second woman, who was white) “stated that no one was being racist but him (the man who was yelling) and (he) began yelling at her. (The cashier) said she told (the man) to leave and then refused to ring up his items. (The cashier) further explained (the second woman) was at the counter and (the man) was jumping in her face insinuating that he would hit her.” That’s when she told the man she was calling 911.

The deputy then spoke to the unruly customer. He said he told the first woman the line was behind him and she “got an attitude with him. (The man) stated (she) huffed and rolled her eyes in an annoyance gesture and remained behind the customer being checked out.” The man said he repeated himself and then the cashier started yelling at him and then other customers “began yelling at him and he yelled back.”

The man “stated that he felt he was racially discriminated against and asked this incident be reported.”

A deputy then spoke to the first woman, who is listed as the victim. She said she wasn’t sure where the line began, and after the man told her where the lines were she decided to stay put “and allow the other customers waiting to go ahead of her,” and that the cashier said she could wait there until it was her turn.

“(The woman) stated she was shocked at how irate (the man) became and insinuated that she and (the cashier) were being racist.”

The second woman’s brother, who had been asked to wait outside, told deputies the cashier stood up for the woman who got yelled at “because of the way (the man) was speaking to her. (He) stated (the cashier) did not act in a racial matter. (He) sated his sister was also defending (the first woman) and (the man) became irate with her.” The man said that’s when he told the man not to mess with his sister and the man “then tried to start a fight with him, and so it went until deputies arrived and saw the man yelling.

The deputy gave them a case number.

Matter of record: An Ellabell man and his wife reported Sept. 27 “that for the last few evenings their neighbor across the street would yell things in their direction referencing ‘white people,’” a report said. “(The man) stated the neighbor stated something about ‘killing those white people.’ (He) stated at this time he has not been approached or made aware of an incident involving (him) or any of his neighbors to have this type of issue arise. (He) stated he just wanted these incidents documented in case this matter progresses.” He got a case number, etc.

Shots fired: An Ellabell woman reported Sept. 29 that she had video from a game camera at Bird Smith Cemetery Road showing “2 white male subjects turn around at the cemetery and then exit a black in color Ford mustang carrying an assault style rifle. One of the male subjects (the passenger) fired the weapon in the air a couple of times and then handed the gun to the driver, where he fired the weapon 15 to 25 times rapidly. The subjects picked up most of the shell casings and threw them into the woods, jumped back in to the car and drove off.”

There was no damage, but the woman wanted the event documented.

Simple assault: The report said this incident in which a man shot four times at an Ellabell home the night of Sept. 23 was a misdemeanor.

The complainant said “as he stood in the doorway of his handyhouse, (a man) fired a handgun at his house from a distance of approximately 75 feet.

(Complainant) stated that (the man) fired four shots striking his house with all four bullets.” The deputy saw the holes and found a casing. The complainant said he “pulled the door closed and got down to avoid being hit,” as the man shot at his home. “(Complainant) did not make any statements that led (the deputy) to believe (the man) was shooting at him or to harm him personally but (the man) did shoot the house intentionally.”

The man was told how to get a warrant.

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