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BCSO reports: Tired nurse didn't have time for reckless driver
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From Bryan County Sheriffs Office reports:

Reckless driver: An Ellabell woman reported a reckless driver passed on her left side when she was driving home.

“Complainant further stated she followed this vehicle to (his home) and did confront the driver of this reckless vehicle,” she gave a deputy the man’s name, and “requested a report filed as she states vehicles are always speeding up and down this road and she believes drugs are being sold at the (man’s home).”

The complaint also told the deputy her family owns that particular road and another road besides, “and she has been on the front lines busting her butt and did have enough of it today, the complainant is believed to be an emergency room nurse,” the report said, noting “Nothing further at this time.”

Theft: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell business shortly before 4:30 p.m. April 1 where they were told by the complainant “that he left his Costa sunglasses (inside) while he took a phone call. He said that the only person inside not an employee was (a man the complainant named to deputies). He said that (the man) was sitting in front of where the glasses where. (He) said that when he went back inside, the glasses were gone. He said that he believes (that man) went outside and hid the glasses. Deputies searched the area and (the man’s) truck, with his permission, and did not located the sunglasses.

(The man) said he never saw the glasses. Two other employees advised they never saw the glasses either.”

The complainant was given a case number.

Vandalism: A deputy on patrol shortly before 6 a.m. April 1 at the concession stand on Ball Park Road in Richmond Hill “discovered the bathroom door had been forced open,” and that “in the men’s room they took the toilet lid off the back toilet and smashed it on the floor and toilet.

There were pieces of it in the toilet and all over the bathroom floor.”

The deputy discovered three tires on a white mini bus parked there had been cut.

Other buildings were checked but hadn’t been vandalized. The latest damage followed earlier reports of stupid mindless destruction at the rec facility.

There’s hope the vandals will be caught, however.

The report said there are cameras in the area and the deputy asked for them to “check all the way back to last Monday the 23rd …” to see if there was enough video to ID the people responsible.

Aggravated assault: You never know what you’ll run into on a call.

Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address because a man was both armed and drunk. He was not, however, at the home when deputies arrived. “The complainant and listed victims advised that (the man) came home very intoxicated … then began cursing everyone and began waving a handgun inside the residence stating he was not going back to jail and began telling the victims he was going to kill them to call the police,” the report said. “He would shoot them also.

(He) then began tearing up the residence and breaking windows.”

While deputies were at the home the victims said they heard a gunshot in the woods. A search, however, didn’t turn up the man.

Domestic Dispute: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 8:18 p.m. March 31 regarding a report of a “physical domestic dispute.”

There, a woman said “she had been beaten and grabbed by the throat before fleeing her residence …” the report said, though the deputy who wrote added “I observed no bruising and no redness where she advised she had been ‘choked and slammed.’ When questioned how hard she had been grabbed the throat she advised she had been completely lifted off her feet and slammed onto the bed in the residence.”

There was, however, no sign of any injury to her, the report said, “and she was carrying a prepacked bag and puppy,” and when the deputy asked her about “possible legal action she stated that ‘I don’t want him to go to jail.’” The deputy then met with the man, “who had actually called 911, and he stated that he never placed his hands on her.

However, he had walked past her and believed she had called 911 when she held her phone up to her face and began asking for police because she had been attacked.” “(He) further stated that when he believed she called 911 she grabbed a rubber mallet and walked across the residence and he called 911 believing she was about to hit him and claim self defense.”

After a discussion with the deputy, “both parties stated they recently had moved from Florida and were financially unstable and had not other place to go.”

The woman asked to be taken back to her family in another town, and the man agreed. Deputies stayed put until they both left.

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