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BCSO reports: Threats to school said to be ‘made up’
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

 Threats to a school: The times we live in. An Ellabell woman reported Jan. 21 she got a text from a friend of her son who told her he got a text from another person’s phone which read: “I’m going to legit cover myself in sharpie with all the full names of my friends and go shoot up a school and end it with a high speed chase wrapping my truck at 100 mph hoping I’ll go splat.”

The woman said the person who forwarded the text “just got out of prison and did not want to directly call police, so he sent the screen shot to (her) because he knew she would report it.”

The woman said she thinks the person who sent her the screen shot lives in Effingham County, and the person who allegedly wrote the text was found to live in Brooklet and own a pickup.

Deputies alerted local school resource officers, and investigators sought to find the source of the threat while also notifying “surrounding agencies via teletype of the threat so schools are aware, even though no particular school was mentioned.”

Bulloch County Sheriff ’s Office was also notified and ultimately found the man who made the threat “and he advised he did not make those threats,” the report said. “He said that he was having issues with an ex-girlfriend and he believes they made up the threats to make him look bad.”

The Bulloch County deputy “advised that he did not think (the suspect) posed a threat to the schools but informed his SROs to be alert.”


Matter of record: A Pembroke man reported Jan. 20 that people were “continuously opening his mail.”

The man said “on several occasions his mail mistakenly still goes to a prior address (in Ellabell),” the report said. “(He) further stated that every time his mail gets delivered to that address individuals … open his mail and tell his family about the documents inside.”

The man said he’d already changed his address with the post office and his mail still goes to the Ellabell address. He said his next step was going to be talking to the post master.

DUI: Deputies responded to a single-vehicle crash on Wilma Edwards road around 5:16 p.m. Jan. 21 and found the pickup and the driver, a man who had “droopy eye lids, dilated pupils and a heavy slur to his speech,” a report said, noting he had a hard time getting out of the pickup “due to his level of intoxication.”

The reporting deputy found an empty “Fireball” bottle in the driver’s seat and the man was given the implied consent warning. “After a blank stare for several seconds, (he) stated that he would not submit to any testing until speaking with his attorney.” The man was arrested, charged and released to EMS, the report continued, adding that “A witness returned to the scene and described (the driver) as driving head on at her vehicle just prior to crashing.”

The man was released to go to Memorial due to his injuries from the crash.

Damage to property: A man reported Jan. 23 he was driving on Highway 280 near Lanier Primary School when he hit a “large object.” A deputy checked the road “and found the object, which turned out to be a large gas grill.”

The man’s vehicle had “medium damage to the right front and right quarter panel,” the report said.


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