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BCSO reports: BBQ grill left on I-95 damages at least two vehicles
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From Bryan County Sheriff Office’s reports: 

Matter of record: Two drivers reported early on the morning of March 23 they hit something in the middle of I-95. Deputies responded and found the object, which “later was identified as a BBQ grill” that came off a vehicle and landed in the middle of the interstate. That driver didn’t stop.

Obstruction: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 4 p.m. March 15 regarding an animal control officer who saw a woman “beating a dog with a closed fist while standing on the dog,” a report said. Animal control believed “she was in possession of several other dogs and requested permission to enter her residence and remove them due to the pending animal cruelty charges.”

The report said the woman was “hesitant however eventually consented and attempted to conceal a dog in the backyard.”

The dogs were moved. The woman was cited for obstruction by the deputy.

Trespass: An area real estate agent called BCSO on March 18, to report she is having an “ongoing situation pertaining to a female … who has been harassing her and her boyfriend in Effingham County and she has filed several reports. (Complainant) stated the reason she called law enforcement today is because (the woman) is not only reposting her real estate listings on Facebook, but she is posting them with her at the locations.”

The complainant showed the deputy photos of the woman in the back yard of one of the complainant’s properties. “(Complainant) stated (the woman) has been told not to visit these properties several times, but she continues to trespass on these properties. (Complainant) stated the reason (the woman) is visiting these properties is because (she) wants her boyfriend, who is a contractor, renovating some of the properties. (Complainant) stated (the woman) is taking photos of herself to try and validate the fact she is sleeping with her boyfriend while he’s renovating the property.”

The complainant said she’s trying to get a restraining order but needs more documentation she is being harassed. She was given a case number and told when she could get a copy of the report.

Theft: An Ellabell man reported March 17 that a woman he knew only as “Slick Smooth Sam” “possibly took belongings of his without permission.”

The man said the woman “was interested in buying a camper trailer he owned. Then (he) said he went with Slick Smooth Sam to Savannah, Ga., but did not explain the reason why. He continued to say that Slick Smooth Sam then drove him back to his house.”

The man then said “Slick Smooth Sam stayed at his residence for three days and refused to leave.” The man told the deputy when he woke up on the date of the report he “heard that Slick Smooth Sam was loading a truck with his belongings and left.”

The man wasn’t sure what was taken, but he “also handed (the deputy) a paper plate that was ripped in half. On this paper was a list written in marker. One half of the paper plate had (a list which the complainant felt was what the woman owed him for his giving her a ride to Ellabell from Savannah).”

The deputy told him to check to find what was missing. The man was having “difficulty breathing and it was very difficult to understand him while making this report,” it said.

Criminal trespass: A Richmond Hill woman called deputies March 18 because “she her son had been to her house while she was gone and damaged parts of it.”

The woman showed deputies damage to a window and some solar lights and said he’s mad at her “because she will not let him move back in or continue to pay for his things. He blames her for the way things are going in his life.”

Warrant procedures were explained.

Criminal trespass, part two: Deputies were sent to the tennis courts at DeVaul Henderson Park on March 18 “in reference to a son having argued with his mother and he cut her tire and fled the scene,” a report said.

The mother told deputies the 45-year-old son “got mad at her when she refused to give him a ride back to Savannah. She said he cursed her and threatened her. She said he got out of the vehicle and walked to the right rear tire and used what she believes was a knife and slashed her tire.”

Deputies searched for the man but didn’t find him. They did change the woman’s tire and escorted her home, “and made a check of the outside of the residence and the neighborhood before returning to service.

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