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BCSO reports: Armed driver relentless on reporting incident
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Reckless driving: Deputies were told to be on the lookout for a pickup and trailer headed south on I-95 near exit 90 around 5 p.m. March 15 because the driver was driving recklessly. They then learned the complainant was following the truck, which had gotten off 95 at exit 87.

Deputies then found the pickup and trailer, which drove south on Highway 17 and then headed toward Hinesville on 196, but the driver didn’t do anything illegal at that point so they ended their pursuit.

Not long afterward, the complainant called again and told deputies the driver of the pickup had turned around and was headed back toward Richmond Hill and had then turned onto Belfast Keller Road.

The complainant also said he wasn’t going to stop following the pickup and trailer “until deputies pulled the driver over,” the report said. That was because the truck or its trailer had kicked rocks up on the complainant’s car windshield, damaging it. The complainant, who also had a gun, claimed the driver of the pickup was driving aggressively and running people off I-95.

Another deputy pulled the pickup over, and the driver, a Florida man, said he didn’t know where he was and “was not driving reckless until the complainant brandished a gun at him on I-95 south,” the report said.

Both drivers were given a case number and allowed to go.

Damage of property: A Richmond Hill man dropped his kid off March 11 at a bus stop and when he turned around he accidentally backed into a “front side yard,” of one of the nearby addresses. “The grass was wet and the truck began to bog down.

He pulled the truck forward and got stuck in the ditch on the culvert. The vehicle left several ruts in the front lawn (of the address). (He) stated that he thought he was backing into the driveway … He stated that it was very dark and he could not see where he was going.”

The property owner however, didn’t buy that. “(She) stated that he did this intentionally.”

The deputy said “there was nothing at the scene that indicated that this was done intentionally,” and that the driver told the woman “he would fix the grass. (She) stated that she was calling his insurance company to file a claim.”

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