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BCSO blotters: Man calls 911 for help then refuses to ‘snitch’
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Assault: A deputy was sent to Belfast Keller location around 7 p.m. Jan. 30 regarding a man who’d been assaulted at another Belfast Keller location. The victim, who “had a golf ball sized contusion under his right eye,” declined EMS, gave the deputy his ID and said he was picked up at the first address by a friend and driven to the second address where he was assaulted by “a unknown black male and white male,” then driven to the new fire station, which was unoccupied at the time.

The victim then walked to the first Belfast Keller location, found someone to call 911 and authorities responded. It’s unclear why the victim bothered to call for help, exactly. When asked for “names, a phone number or more information that would help us locate the persons who assaulted him, his response was ‘he was from Savannah and we don’t snitch,’” the report said. What’s more, the more the deputy tried to “assist, the more agitated the victim became, advising … that he just got kicked in the head how was he supposed to remember anything.”

“The victim was offered every remedy (the deputy) was able to offer to include a ride home or if (the deputy) could call someone for him, all efforts were matched with sarcasm,” the report said. “Victim left the area walking ….”

Interfering with 911 calls: Around 4 a.m Jan. 30 deputies were called to an Ellabell address regarding an argument between a woman and her 31-year-old- son who was trying to break into her room.

When deputies got there, the son came outside and “did appear to be highly intoxicated.” He told deputies “he and his mother were arguing about money,” and he tried to get into her room with a pair of scissors while also telling them he’d bought some Xanax earlier in the day at a gas station, etc. The man’s mother said she woke up to the sound of the refrigerator alarm and when she went to check on it found “(her son) feeding lunch meet to their dogs. She stated that she told him to stop feeding lunch meat to the dogs because it was expensive,” and he responded by telling her he’d continue to feed the dogs lunch meat and called her a name. The woman said when she tried to call 911 the first time he took her phone.

There was no damage and the woman was told how to get a warrant. The son was taken to a motel in Pembroke and “while en route (the son) did state that Jesus told him if he worked every day he would not go to jail.”

There were no rooms at the motel, so the man was dropped off at a convenience store where he could stay warm. The deputy “made (the convenience store employees) aware that (the man) was intoxicated and made sure it was alright for him to stay. They advised that it was okay for him to say inside due to the cold.”

Property dispute: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address on Jan. 31, regarding a kid who “keeps moving a log (the complainant) has been using to mark his property line.”

The complainant told the deputy he had a surveyor coming out next day to establish undisputed property lines between him and the neighbor, who also is apparently the complainant’s sister.

As the deputy talked to the complainant he saw the kid, who was the grandson of the man’s sister. She told the deputy “she did instruct the juvenile to move the log off what she believed to be her property.” She was told a surveyor was on the way and she “agreed to stop her grandson’s involvement in the property dispute.” 

Courtesy ride: Deputies were dispatched to Olive Branch Road at the bridge that crosses I-16 around 6 p.m. Jan. 30 “in reference to a white female sitting on the top railing.”

The woman was gone when the first deputy arrived, and the report said deputies “believed the female subject was suffering from a mental health crisis and requested for EMS to respond.” EMS did arrive “on scene,” the report said.

The woman, who was located walking along Olive Branch Road, was described as “acting extremely paranoid. A deputy talked to the woman’s mother, who said her daughter “has been on drugs for about a year and these actions are normal for her.”

Deputies brought the woman to her mother.

Criminal trespass: A fight around 11 p.m. Feb. 1 at an Ellabell address drew law enforcement, and the reporting deputy noted “upon arrival I made contact with two males who appeared to be out of breath and actively bleeding from their wounds to the face consistent with punches or similar blows .... Neither party initially admitted to fighting however after being advised of possible charges both became cooperative and admitted to exchanging blows however denied wishing to pursue any action.”

The deputy talked to a bunch of folks at the house “however all seemed confused as to how both male parties came to be at the residence,” and “the listed complainant simply stated he was awakened by the two males fighting in his house and wanted them removed and to stay away from the residence.” As the deputy did paperwork to give the two men criminal trespass notices, he noted “it was apparent both parties were heavily intoxicated and deputies remained on scene until a sober driver arrived. Between given testimony and lack of cooperation it was difficult to determine what had actually occurred or why they visited the residence.” 

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