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BCSO blotter: South Bryan man shoots crossbow at neighbor’s shop
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

 Reckless conduct: A 41-year-old South Bryan man was arrested for shooting an arrow into his neighbor’s shop. The victim told a deputy on Nov. 22 he “was working in the rear of his shop when he heard a loud noise … looked around and saw an arrow had penetrated the side of his shop, almost coming completely through.”

The man said 20 minutes earlier he saw his neighbor, with whom he’s had “problems in the past, and both parties have (filed) a criminal trespass against the other,” walking toward the woods. Another deputy checked with the neighbor’s wife, who said her husband “had just left to go hunting with his bow.”

The deputy noted there was a “an arrow, with green and white fletches and a broad-head type tip lodged into the wall of the shop building.” From the trajectory, it “appeared to have come at an angle leading from (the neighbor’s property) to the shop.”

At some point, the neighbor came from a “small section of trees,” and was “asked to show his bows, which he began to get argumentative over.”

The neighbor then showed the deputy a broken bow before taking the deputy “to the area he had previously emerged from,” and there the deputy found a tree stand “directed toward (the victim’s) shop. On the top of the stand was a crossbow/bolt type weapon. It contained a green and white fletched arrow with a broad head type tip.” A similar arrow as found on the ground, it also “was consistent with the one found lodged in the shop.”

The man was arrested.

Matter of record: A South Bryan woman reported Nov. 20 her “son was at a get together (at a Buckhead North address) with the offender who is the mother of a juvenile that does not get along with her son,” according to a report.

The woman said during the get tighter, “the offender began to verbally assault the victim, and placed her arm around him, and asked him if he wanted to fight. The offender was separated from the victim by other adults on scene. The offender is an adult, and the victim is a juvenile. According to the complainant, the offender was intoxicated when this happened.”

The complainant wanted the incident documented “just in case future incidents occur.” She got a case number.

Affray: Deputies were sent Nov. 18 to a fight at a convenience store over food. The deputy who handled the call first talked to a complaint, who said “she had a problem with the food being served and asked to speak to a manager. An employee started making rude comments toward her, and they exchanged words.”

The employee called his mother to the store.

The complainant also called her mother. She said after she got her food and walked outside, she “exchanged words” with the employee’s mother.

The complainant said she walked towards the employee’s mother but stopped, and the mother “went around (the shift manager) as she was trying to keep them separated and started fighting with the complainant.”

At that point, the complainant’s mother “pulled a baseball bat out her vehicle during the fight, which broke up the fight.”

The complaint and her mother were the only ones at the store when the deputy arrived. The store manager asked that they both be “trespassed from the location for a month.” They were given a trespass notice.

It was unclear from the report where the convenience store was.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to I-95 around 8:13 a.m. Nov. 17 to help a Chatham County police officer with a man whose vehicle had broken down. The Chatham officer said he was called by CHAMPS, the roadside assistance service, and learned the man was listed as “missing and endangered” in Florida.

The deputy talked to the man, who “stated he was in Florida and he was going home,” and when told he was in Georgia “stated Georgia was in Florida.”

The man didn’t know the day or the week or the month. EMS came and took the man to the hospital. His dog was taken to Bryan County Animal Shelter. The man’s car was towed and his wife was called. “She stated she would be on her way from Florida to pick up her husband.”

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported Nov. 18 that “someone has thrown a block at his home property.” He showed the deputy “that someone drove through it on Nov. 11 around 8:30 a.m. and took up two blocks he had placed at the edge of the garden and then threw them in the middle of the garden.” He got a report.

Matter of record: A man reported Nov. 18 he was driving east on Highway 144 when he saw “a large pallet was in the roadway with random items on it. He was unable to stop, or change lanes because of the heavy traffic flow. The driver advised he struck the pallet, and shortly after he realized his tires were flat.” Three of the tires were flat, as a matter of fact, and the vehicle had damaged underneath it. The man asked for a tow truck and said he’d turn the receipt into his insurance company.

He got a case number, etc. 

Suspicious incident: A Highway 280 woman reported Nov. 28 she heard noises outside her house, and when she stepped out she saw a man at her neighbor’s house, and when she approached him to ask what he was doing he “told her it would be best if she got back into her house.” The woman said that scared her and she ran back home.

She described the man and his car to the deputy, who was also told by a neighbor that the previous week a man who matched the description and drove a similar car was “beating on her door.” The complainant got a case number and was told “to call (BCSO) anytime she needed to.”

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