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BCSO Blotter: neighbors complain about goats

From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Animals at large: This is taken almost verbatim from the narrative in a Jan. 12 report on an incident which occurred in Strathy Hall: “On this date (a deputy) responded to (a Mill Hill Road address) for a report of a goat stuck in a fence. Upon my arrival I met (complainant). (She) stated that her next door neighbor … has several goats living in his backyard.

(She) stated (her neighbor’s) goats have been jumping the fence lately and wandering the neighborhood. The largest of the goats attempted to jump the fence and got tangled upside down. (She) stated she heard the goat making noise and as she walked around to the fence line she found the goat hanging from the fence in distress. (She) asked another neighbor to help her free the goat before it injured itself. The goat was released from the fence and it went back into its holding pen. (The owner) arrived as deputies were leaving. (He) apologized to (the complainant) for the inconvenience and stated he was preparing to build a larger fence. (He) was advised to expedite the new fence as quick as possible to avoid the goats damaging any of his neighbors property.”

Unoccupied vehicle: A deputy responded Jan. 12 to an early morning report of an unoccupied vehicle in the east bound lane on Highway 144, “sitting in the roadway without any lights on.”

The car, a Mercedes, had a flat and minor damage, and after unsuccessful attempts to reach the owner it was towed. When deputies did reach the owner, she said she was coming back later to get the vehicle.

“(She) was advised not to leave a vehicle parked in the roadway at night without any lights on in the future to avoid causing a serious accident.”

Shots or loud trucks: Deputies were sent Jan. 12 to an Oak Level Road address because of complaints about “pickups driving on the roadway with loud exhaust, and a possible shotgun being shot towards a residence,” a report said.

A deputy met with the complainants, two men who said “several trucks were traveling on Jake Brown Road with loud exhaust systems. (One of the men) stated that he heard a gunshot come from one of the trucks toward a residence and that the next time he will shoot back. (The other man) stated that he saw the shotgun flash coming from the vehicle’s window.” The men were told to call 911 next time they see or hear a gunshot. Deputies couldn’t find any shotgun damage, and nobody else complained.

Animal cruelty: A Strathy Hall man reported Jan.10 he got home and found his dog dead in his garage, lying in a pool of blood. The man said no one was home from 11 a.m. until he got home around 7 p.m., but he keeps his garage door open about a foot so the dog can get in. The man also said he has an underground fence and his dog, a black and white border collie, wears an electronic collar and doesn’t leave the yard.

Veterinarians that night determined the dog was attacked and killed by a larger animal, possibly a dog. The man said he has neighbors who own dogs that have chased and attacked his dog, and a deputy went to talk to them. The wife said four of their six dogs got loose that day while landscapers were working on their back yard and the back gate was left open without her knowing about it. The dogs returned about half an hour later. The deputy checked the dogs and none seemed to have been involved in a fight.

One of the landscapers, reached by phone, said he tried to help the woman find her dogs by driving around the neighborhood, and that he saw the dogs “come from the direction” of the victims’ home, but he never saw them on that property, nor did he see if the dogs had blood on them. He did say he remembered the woman saying her dogs were wet and muddy when they returned. There was no blood trail leading from the garage, the deputy reported, noting it looked as though the dog had been attacked and killed in the garage.

Everyone involved got a case number and a copy of the report was to be forwarded to animal control.

Animal cruelty part 2: An Ellabell woman reported Jan.10 that she put her dog out in her fenced-in back yard on Jan 8 and later noticed he was limping. The woman took the dog to a veterinarian and X-rays found about 30 bird shot pellets imbedded in its skin. The woman said the bill was $800.

DUI, etc: A deputy was sent to Fish Tales restaurant in South Bryan on Jan. 12 because a man backing his vehicle out of a parking space hit another one. That man said he offered to pay for the damage done to the vehicle he hit, but the owner “declined and called 911.” So, the man “went back into the bar to have some drinks until the police arrived.”

While waiting on the law, he allegedly told deputies “he had a double shot of bourbon and a beer,” and smelled like alcohol. A preliminary breath test recorded a .256. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

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