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BCSO blotter: Man reports neighbors dogs, deputy can’t hear him for the barking
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Animal complaint: A deputy was sent to an county address on Feb. 24, where the complainant “stated he has ongoing problems with the neighbor’s dogs barking at him while he is in his yard.” And then some.

The deputy reported she couldn’t hear the complainant “over the 7 dogs,” and the man “informed me that the dogs have jumped the fence into his yard on several occasions.” He also told the deputy the neighbor put up an electric fence but it didn’t appear to be working, and he said his wife is afraid to go outside because of the dogs. The deputy wrote that she saw seven dogs in the yard and heard barking coming from inside the house. She also saw two dog houses and “no water or food available to the dogs,” and “several containers overflowing with trash, mattresses, a couch, and several dilapidated dwellings on the property.” She told the complainant to contact code enforcement. She also said she’d refer the report to animal control.

Criminal damage to property: A deputy was dispatched to a domestic on Feb. 24, where a couple said they got into an argument with their 34-year old son. He first flipped a table in the kitchen, the report said, then got in a “track hoe,” and used it to hit a pickup ruck, then hit the fence, then “drove the track hoe toward the house, saying that he would tear the whole house down.”

The father stood in front of the house, the son hit the carport with the track hoe and then got off it and “ran off.”

The mother said she “felt she was in danger during the argument and tased her son,” who then ran outside and got on the track hoe before getting back off. Deputies searched for the son, who was eventually located and arrested.

“(He) complained of being unable to breath but asked several times to smoke,” the report said, noting EMS was called and checked the man out. He was OK and taken to jail.

Suspended license, no insurance: A deputy on duty around 1 am. Feb. 26 spotted a car on Highway 17 near the motels “traveling southbound … at a very slow rate of speed.” The car was doing “approximately 17 mph” in a 45 mph zone, the report said. It then turned into a parking lot, went behind a closed business and “moments later,” was spotted heading in the opposite direction on 17.

It was pulled over. The driver, a 45-year-old man with a Florida ID, didn’t have a driver’s license or insurance. He also had “several active warrants and a felony warrant out of Georgia.” He was taken to jail. The car was turned over to a licensed driver.

Damage to property: A woman reported Feb. 28 she “was in her bedroom when she heard a loud boom. She stated she exited her bedroom and realized her landlord … was moving her bar from inside the house. (Complainant) stated the loud boom she heard was the mirror that sets on top of the bar that had broken. (She) stated she doesn’t know why (the landlady) was moving her bar, because she is in the process of moving out.”

The woman said her bar cost about $2,500. The landlady wasn’t there. The complainant got a case number.

Criminal trespass: A deputy was sent to an convenience store on Feb. 26 “in reference to an unruly customer who had already left the scene.” The deputy saw video and knew who the woman as. “This video footage showed (the woman) being angry and argumentative with the store clerk and the manager of producing her ID for an alcohol sale.” There was sound with the video and “you could hear (the woman) saying to the manager ‘you’re a (bleeping) idiot.’ You can also here (the manager) advise (the woman) to leave the store multiple times.” The manager told the deputy she wanted the woman banned from the store. “Being familiar with (the woman),” the deputy went to her address and served her a notice she wasn’t allowed back.”

Drugs: Deputies were called to a domestic around 1 a.m. Feb. 27 and found a woman at the address “with her puppy.” She told them she had an argument with her boyfriend who pushed her out of a pickup and then left.

After the man was located, deputies found drugs and “drug related items,” and both were arrested.

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