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BCSO Blotter: Man reports gas station over price difference
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: Matter of record: A man reported July 23 a store on Highway 80 was charging ten cents more for a gallon of gas than was advertised on the road sign. A deputy found that to be the case and told the owner and a store clerk of state law on the matter.

The man requested a report be made and said he was filed a complaint with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. He got a case number.

Road rage: A woman reported she was driving north around 5 a.m. July 23 on I-95 the 87-mile marker and being tailgated by a car with its high beams on when she heard a “thud” that sounded like something hit the rear of her vehicle.

“(She) pulled off onto the shoulder to inspect for damages on her vehicle when the driver of the (car behind her) yelled out to her,” the report said. “An unknown male voice said ‘if you were a man, we finish this,’ then continued driving.” The woman, who walked into the South Bryan station well after the incident because she was taking a friend to the airport, got a tag number for the car and gave it to a deputy. A check of the tag came up empty. The woman got a case number.

DUI-Drugs: A 36-yearold man pulled over around 10:30 a.m. July 21 on Belfast Keller after his pickup crossed the center line was given a warning and let go after he told me his “helmet fell near his floor board while messing with building plans on the passenger dash.” About an hour later, the same man was stopped on Highway 17 after reports he was “all over the roadway,” and nearly drove into the deputy’s squad car before he was stopped.

This time, when asked for his license the man first gave the deputy his bank card, and later failed a field sobriety test. He was arrested. His work truck was picked up by a supervisor. And, “during transport (to jail) the offender was passed out for most of the movement.”

Damage to property: Deputies were sent to a South Bryan church around 1:43 p.m. July 21 because there was video of two incidents in which someone driving a “tan colored four door sedan, believed to be an Infinity G35, pulled into the gravel parking lot and did doughnuts.”

The first time took place around 8:16 p.m. July 12, the report said, and “nothing was damaged.” The second time, on July 20, around 12:25 a.m., a rock “was shot from the tire of the vehicle and struck and broke one of the church’s windows.”

The complainant got a case number.

Damage to property: A deputy was sent around 10:43 p.m. July 22 to a Richmond Hill address regarding damage to property. There, the deputy was told a woman and her daughter “heard a loud explosion in front of their residence,” and the woman and her husband said “the same situation happened last January 2023 when someone blew up their mailbox.”
The woman also said they had a Ring camera and checked it but nothing of the incident was captured. An investigation by the deputy showed “some mailbox parts were scattered in their driveway, such as the rectangular box, lid, and red flag.”

There was what appeared to be powder residue from an M80 firecracker on parts of the mailbox, and there was evidence nearby that may’ve come from the firecracker. The on-call detective was notified. The wife got a case number.

July 21

Speeding, no insurance, no license: The driver of a car clocked around 9:30 p.m. going 72 mph on Highway 204 in Bryan County didn’t speak English, have a license or insurance and neither did anyone else in the car. The driver, who pulled over on Old River Road, was taken to jail. The car was towed.

Criminal trespass, family violence: A deputy was sent to a domestic dispute between a couple in Richmond Hill getting divorced. He’d dealt with them before.

Animal complaint: A deputy was sent to a South Bryan address regarding a dog bite.

Warrant: Deputies responding to an Ellabell address for an unwanted person learned the caller was wanted on a bench warrant. He was arrested.

Warrant: A man was arrested on a warrant after deputies were called to remove him from the Dollar General on Highway 280.

Speeding, suspended license: A woman clocked going 68 mph hour on Highway 280 in the 45 mph zone near Wilma Edwards Road was pulled over. A check showed her license was suspended in April 2021. She was arrested and given a court date.

July 22

Damage to property: A woman reported she hit a tree on Bacontown Road shortly after midnight. The woman said she couldn’t see the tree because it was dark and raining heavily. Her car was damaged and was towed. She didn’t have any damage. Bryan County Fire and Emergency Services came and got the tree out of the road.

Custody dispute: A deputy was asked to referee a custody dispute in Richmond Hill.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a South Bryan address regarding a towing company trying to tow a vehicle. A woman said she believed a man was trying to take her vehicle without her permission.

No insurance: A 20-year-old woman was pulled over on I-95 because the car she was driving wasn’t registered or insured. The woman said the vehicle’s registration and insurance was handled by her mother. The car was towed, the woman was cited for no license and suspended registration.

Warrant: A 42-year-old Effingham County man was arrested on a warrant in his own county after he “failed to come to a complete stop” at a stop sign at the Dollar General on Highway 204.

Found wallet: A woman was reunited with her wallet which was found in Ellabell. It had apparently been there a while. The man who found it said he had to use pliers to open it, and the report said “the zipper on the wallet was rusted and broken.” The owner’s driver’s license was inside and she was contacted and told where she could pick it up.

No insurance, improper left turn, failure to change a license: A Bulloch County woman who made an improper left turn on Highway 80 from a convenience store was stopped, and a check showed the vehicle didn’t have insurance. The woman was able to get her insurance re-instated before the wrecker arrived, but she still had to pay the towing fee and was cited.

Warrant: A 25-year-old woman was arrested on a warrant out of Liberty County after a deputy was dispatched to a Richmond Hill address regarding a fight between a wife and wife. Because there was evidence both parties “were intentionally causing harm to one another,” the deputy told them “if they wanted to pursue charges,” they could get warrants from a magistrate.

July 23

DUI-drugs, meth, more: Deputies called to a suspicious vehicle on Stubbs Road in Ellabell arrested a 62-year-old man on drug DUI and possession charges after he admitted to using meth earlier. Drug paraphernalia and residue of meth was found and the man failed a field sobriety test. He was taken to jail.

Missing person: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address regarding a man who left his home July 17 after an argument with his wife and hadn’t returned. A check of areas the man was known to go to and local hospitals and jails didn’t result in the man’s location.

DUI-alcohol, no license: A 47-year-old man with a Guatemalan license and a Tennessee tag on his car was arrested on I-16 after he stopped in the middle of a lane while a deputy was directing traffic around an accident at 3:30 a.m. and wouldn’t budge. He also failed a field sobriety test.

Found wallet: A wallet was found at a convenience store on Highway 144 and returned to its owner.

Meth, weapons possession: Deputies sent to a suspicious vehicle on Black Creek Road around 10:27 p.m. found a man inside sleeping.  He was arrested after drugs, drug-related items and a pistol were found in the car by a K9.

Warrant: A deputy sent to a single-vehicle accident around 2:30 a.m. on I-16 learned the driver, who said he fell asleep and hit a guard rail in the median but wasn’t injured, was wanted in Bulloch County. The man was arrested and turned over to Bulloch County deputies. 


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