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BCSO blotter: Man pushes truck to gas pump, drives off, gets DUI
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

DUI: A 41-year-old man was arrested for DUI after deputies he was seen driving away from a convenience store in Pembroke around 9 p.m. Aug. 6 and a check of the tag on his Chevrolet pickup showed it wasn’t insured.

The man failed a field sobriety test, a report said, and a witness who called 911 told deputies “she noticed (the man) pushing the truck into the gas station from the highway. He then proceeded to try to pump gasoline into his vehicle from the other side of the pump … and swayed tremendously as he attempted to pump gasoline.”

A passenger also told the complainant that the driver was intoxicated.

Deputies charged the driver with DUI, no insurance and a faulty tag light.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to a referee a possible eviction around 1:30 p.m. Aug. 4 at an Pembroke address. There they met a woman who said she was evicting a woman and “had her stuff scattered in the yard.”

The woman was asked for various documents she needed to evict the woman and didn’t have any, and deputies told the woman she couldn’t legally evict someone “until the proper steps had been taken.”

The woman then said “she only wanted to cover her things with a trap, but (the person she wanted to evict) did not want (the woman) to touch her property.” Deputies said there wasn’t anything they could do until the woman “went through the proper steps to obtain a writ of possession from the courts.”

Deputies were then about to leave when the woman “yelled and said she was attacked by Diamond, the dog of (the person she wanted to evict).”

That led to a call for Animal Control to come and they asked for the dog’s owner to come put the dog on a leash. Deputies left, but not before giving the woman who wanted to evict the other woman a case number, etc.

Misdemeanor theft, simple battery: Deputies were sent to a Pembroke address around 7:40 a.m. Aug. 5, where a complaint said while she was at the address 17 of her Oxycodone were taken.

She didn’t know who took the pills but said a woman and four men were at the residence, and at some point the complainant texted the woman at the residence to ask her about the pills.

“After asking about the pills, (the suspect, a 41-year-old woman) came outside and attacked her in her car,” the report said. “(Suspect) hit (complainant) in the head and scratched her arms. (Suspect) also spilled a large glass of tea inside the vehicle. (Suspect) snatched (complainant’s) phone from her and then stomped the phone and took it inside.”

“After this occurred, (complainant) left the residence and traveled to (a convenience store).”

A deputy reported the complainant was under the influence, with symptoms including “gnashing of the jaw, twitching and uncontrolled body movement, and blood shot eyes,” and after a bit she admitted to using meth.

There were no injuries and the complainant said she was going to go to the hospital on her own after she got a ride. She got a case number, etc.

Deputies then spoke with one of the men at the location where the incident occurred and he said he heard someone, possibly the complainant, “honking her horn outside of the residence,” and then saw the suspect with another man, and “(he) was aggravated with (the suspect and the other man) since he thought they had moved out. After conversing with (them), (he) took the two and dropped them off (at another location).”

Damage to property: A deputy was sent to a South Bryan address where a couple said it looked like “someone had possibly shot the side of their motorhome/trailer with a gun.”

The deputy checked it out and “it looks as if rocks from the grass recently being mowed may have kicked up from the power of the mower, ultimately causing the damage that occurred to the side of the trailer and two of the windows.”

The deputy found a rock inside the trailer “that matched the exact size and shape of one of the holes that was on the side of the trailer which made entry,” the report continued, noting the man said he recently cut the grass and might’ve had the mower too low.

Aug. 2 

Warrant: A 25-yearold woman was arrested following a traffic stop on Highway 280 near I-16 when it turned out she was wanted on a warrant out of Port Wentworth.

Aug. 4 

Suspended license: A man was arrested after his tag came up showing his driver’s license “was actively suspended since multiple DUIs beginning on April 25, 2023” and he was spotted leaving a truck stop on Highway 280 around 7:14 a.m. The man told deputies he knew his license was suspended but he had to take friends to work.

Missing juvenile: A teen from Iowa was reported missing and possibly in Richmond Hill staying at a girlfriend’s house. The car he left Iowa in was found, but the teen was gone. A search followed.

Threats: A deputy was sent to a Highway 204 location around 10:41 p.m. regarding threats.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported his daughter was being threatened by the father of another teen.

Aug. 5

 Suspended license, expired registration: A man was arrested for driving on Highway 17 with a suspended license and expired registration.

Unruly juvenile: A Richmond Hill woman reported her son ran off after she confronted him about a hickey on his neck. The son was later found in another neighborhood.

Damage to property: A Richmond Hill woman reported a vehicle hit her mailbox.

DUI, weaving: A 66year old man was arrested for DUI after he was pulled over on 204. He led deputies on a bit of a journey around Ellabell before he was eventually pulled oer.

Aug. 6 

Unruly juvenile: A Richmond Hill woman reported her daughter was acting unruly and later threatened to harm herself. The juvenile told deputies she wasn’t going to hurt herself or anybody else, but she and her mother were always arguing.

Speeding, suspended license: A 23-year-old man clocked at going 62 mph in a 45 mph zone on Wilma Edwards Road around 6:18 p.m. was pulled over. The man’s license had been suspended twice. He was arrested, a licensed driver came to get the man’s car.

No license: A man without a driver’s license was arrested after he pulled his Suburban out in front of an oncoming deputy on Eldora Road. A check of the man’s tag showed the man’s license had been suspended. The driver was allowed to ask a licensed driver to come pick up the SUV, and about 30 minutes later someone showed up but he only had a learner’s permit. A tow truck was called, but a licensed driver eventually arrived and struck up a deal with the tow truck to get the vehicle.

Suspended license, no tag light: A deputy on patrol on I-16 around 3 a.m. spotted a westbound vehicle with “a defective headlight and no working tag lights.” It got off on Highway 280 and a traffic stop took place.

The driver’s license had been suspended and a passenger was wanted in Springfield. She was arrested, the driver was cited and given a court date.

Underage drinking: A report was made of underage drinking at a house in Richmond Hill. The teens were reportedly drinking Pink Whitneys, whatever those are.

Aug. 7

 Various: A 36-year-old man is facing charges of possession of drug related objects, obstruction, improper stopping and failure to yield after he jumped out of his vehicle during a traffic stop on Malden Branch Road.

Warrant: A 61-yearold man was arrested at a Highway 280 convenience store on a warrant from Cobb County.

Aug. 8

 Suspended license: A man was arrested in Ellabell for driving a vehicle with an expired registration about three hours after he’d been stopped by another deputy for driving with an expired license.

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