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BCSO blotter: Man found in ditch, apparent victim of hit and run
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From Bryan County Sheriff Office reports: 

Pedestrian hit by vehicle: Deputies were called around 9 a.m. Nov. 6 to Highway 280 near Aspen Lane where a man was found in a ditch. “The subject was a white male with brown hair. The subject was sitting up shaking from being cold and wet.” What’s more, the “subject’s left leg was broken with the bone poking through the skin and a small laceration towards the top of his forehead.”

Bryan County EMS was called and the man told the deputy his name was John.

The deputy then went to his car and got “two department issued uniform shirts and draped them over John’s head to help keep the wind and rain off of him until EMS responded. Another motorist also stopped and provided John with a jacket by laying the jacket over the top of John’s legs.” The deputy reported the man appeared to be confused and answered all questions with the same answer, “not long.” EMS took the man to Memorial. A search of the ditch found “a mirror and a piece of chrome in color plastic which is believed to be from a vehicle near the roadway where John was located,” the report said.

The incident was under investigation at the time of the report.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a Dollar General on Nov. 6 where the complainant said he spilled bleach on his pickup back seat and blamed a store employee.

The man said a cashier “went and got him some bleach which he paid for. He stated that he placed the bag containing the bleach in the backseat of his (2008 pickup). He stated that when he arrived at his residence, the bottle had tipped over, and the bleach spilled on his seat.” The deputy noted there “was a large wet spot on his rear driver’s side seat. The cause of the spot did have the odor of bleach. He stated that the manager of the store told him there was nothing she could do for him, and that he needed to talk to the corporate office.”

The deputy then talked with the manager, who said she told the man “she couldn’t do anything for him.”

She also told the deputy “(the man) is disorderly when he comes in, and requested a criminal trespass notice be issued.” What’s more, the report said “the clerk that (the man) accused of getting the bottle of bleach for him stated that she didn’t get it for him, and that he retrieved it for himself.”

The man was given a criminal trespass notice and a case number, and told how to get a copy of the report.

Disorderly person: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address on Nov. 3 regarding a dispute, where they were met by a man and his son.

“We separated the two and began to hear their statements,” the reporting deputy wrote, noting the man “was complaining that his son had taken a key the day before to a vehicle he bought for his son to drive, but doesn’t want him driving it until he gets his license straightened out.”

The man also said his son “gets wild and crazy and starts breaking stuff in the house,” and the man “wanted him out of his house.” Another deputy spoke to the son, who “could hear his father speaking to (the other deputy) and he kept saying ‘he is lying.’” After listening to both the man and his son, “we were unable to determine a crime had been committed,” and told both of them if the father wanted his son out of the house “he needed to follow proper procedures and have him evicted.” That angered the father and his other son, who “kept insinuating the police did nothing and we were a joke,” the report said, while the reporting deputy “once again stated we can only act within the confines of the law. I also explained the charge of disorderly house to both parties.”

At that point, the father and his other son “left the premise stating they were going to the court house to file an eviction.” On Nov. 5, deputies went back to the address because the man, who said he’d been staying at another address, “upon returning to his residence his son … threw a lantern unprovided as soon as he pulled into the yard.” The report said deputies had responded to the residence three times and the man hadn’t taken any action. Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man called BCSO around 9:30 p.m. Nov. 4 “in reference to holes being dug in his yard.”

The man said the communications company Hargray had “left some of their equipment in his yard and made a hole in order to install wire in the ground.”

The deputy “advised him that they would most likely be back for their equipment and to finish their work.”

The man said he wanted “a report filed in case of any future incidents that may arise in relation to the company.”

Speeding, pot possession: A deputy on patrol around 5:39 a.m. Nov. 4 got a call from another deputy who said there were “two speeding vehicles (both traveling in excess of 75 mph) headed east on Highway 280 in front of him.”

The reporting deputy made a U-turn and then pulled the first vehicle over at South Poplar Street in Pembroke, where he “could smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from within the vehicle.”

Two men were in the car, and when the deputy asked where the marijuana was “(the passenger) pulled a pre rolled marijuana cigarette out from his crotch area,” and both men then admitted to smoking.

The driver was asked for his license, and it turned out he didn’t have one because his had been suspended, and the report essentially said the man was stoned. A search turned up “an estimated 54 grams of marijuana” in a plastic bag as well as two smaller bags with suspected marijuana, a scale and some fake money, among other things, the report said. Both men were taken to jail for booking.

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