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BCSO blotter: Man denies exposing himself to neighbor
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From Bryan County Sheriff Office reports: 

Public indecency: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address shortly before 10 a.m. Nov. 15 “in reference to a male exposing himself to a neighbor.”

The complainant, a woman, said her neighbor “was standing in her yard between two vehicles without any clothes on.”

She didn’t have “pictures, video, and no one else witnessed the incident,” the incident report said, noting the woman said the man’s been arrested in the past for coming onto her property and “peeking into her window.”

The 49-year-old man told BCSO he “was cleaning the yard, however he was not naked.” He was given a criminal trespass warning and told to stay off his neighbor’s property. The complainant was told how to get a warrant if she decides to do so.

Fraud: A Richmond Hill woman reported Nov. 10 “while doing some cleaning she fell through the floor in her kitchen,.”

The woman “went on to say “that her home is tied up in litigation in regards to a faulty foreclosure and she was advised that the homeowners insurance was provided by the new owner of the residence as long as she paid the premium.

“Victim advised that she has been paying the premium but was advised after the falling through the floor incident that the policy she was supposedly paying for did not exist.”

The woman wanted it documented for when she files a formal complaint against the homeowner.

Shoplifting: An Ellabell store owner reported Nov. 13 a man came into his store “and attempted to by a CBD vape pen,” which cost $25.

“The customer only handed him a $20 bill,” and the store owner said the same man had come in when his wife was working and “stole three of the same pens he was trying to purchase today.”

The store owner said when he confronted the customer, the customer walked away, so he picked up the phone to call authorities. “When the customer saw him on the phone he came back to the register and stated, ‘call whoever you want to call,’ and grabbed another pen and exited the store.”

Video shows the man was driving an older pickup and is believed to work in the area. If he’s found the store owner doesn’t want him back in the store.

Theft: An Ellabell woman reported Nov. 13 she was having a yard sale when she a mirror missing. The woman said she checked her security camera and saw “her neighbor pull up in front of her house, her son got out of the vehicle and went into her driveway and took the mirror.” The woman said she tried texting and calling her neighbor, but was unable to get hold of her. She also said she wants the mirror back or $100.

The deputy saw the video, then went to talk to the neighbor. She said she saw the mirror advertised on Facebook Marketplace and it said first come, first serve so she assumed it was free. The deputy looked up the ad and “it was clearly labeled Garage Sale.” The neighbor returned the mirror.

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