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BCSO Blotter: Ellabell woman says she was shot at

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Shots fired: Deputies were sent to a Wade Carter Road, Ellabell, address May 17 due to a woman’s report that two males she knew shot at her while she was “in the area to pick up her son from the bus stop.”

The mother of the two males said another man had earlier shot at them from a BMW. Deputies eventually found four 9 millimeter shell casings in the driveway where the first woman said the two males were shooting.

Criminal trespass: A convenience store manager at a Highway 144, Richmond Hill store reported May 17 a man was waving a knife at customers. He was apparently known to deputies, who “were aware that he was possibly off his medications. (He) was talking about objects that were not present, and he was acting aggressive.”

The man admitted to having a knife and dropped it once a deputy pointed his Taser at him. The man said he wouldn’t come back to the store.

Coyote: Deputies were sent to the side of Highway 144 on May 18 regarding “a motor vehicle accident with a coyote.” The driver told me she was heading east on 144 and was at the 5 mile marker when she hit “a gray coyote.”

There was some damage to the car, but no one was hurt.

Harassing communications: A deputy was sent May 17 to a gas station on Highway 280 in Ellabell “for a harassment call.”

There, the deputy found the complainant “sitting in his truck.”

“He advised me that on or about May 15, 2019, his former girlfriend … had sent him over 100 text messages and had called him over 100 times. He said that he wanted to file a report.”

Theft: A Rhode Island woman was arrested May 18 for stealing a truck in Valdosta after she was first spotted walking down Highway 280 in Ellabell.

A deputy was patrolling when he saw her on the side of the road and pulled over to see if she was OK.

“She stated yes she was taking a walk and for me to have a good day,” the deputy reported, noting he drove off and then spotted a pickup “partially blocking Highway 280” and a driveway. The deputy called the tag into dispatch and found out it had been stolen. The deputy then got another deputy to find the female, “as I believed her to be the driver of this truck as the motor was still hot and she was maybe 150 yards east of the parked truck.”

The woman told the deputy she took it and was arrested. Oh, and she was also “showing on probation out of Wayne County, Jesup, Georgia,” the report said.

Burglary: A Harris Trail Road woman reported May 20 she got home from work “and found her front door kicked in,” she told a deputy.

A flat screen television was stolen, and there were signs someone ransacked the house. A deputy reported the door had been busted open, but there was no evidence at the home.

“Deputies were able to help (the woman) secure her front door until she could have the door frame replaced,” and told the woman to call if anything else was missing.

Simple battery, criminal trespass: A deputy was called to a Timber Trail address regarding a May 17 incident on Highway 17 earlier that morning.

The complainant said she and her roommate’s lease was about to end, and that she was going to renew it on her own.

She also said she wanted to be there when her roommate “retrieves her belongings, however their schedules conflict.” The complainant said on May 17 her roommate and a friend got there around 8:20 a.m. to move the loveseat out of the house.

“(Complainant) stated that she was late for work, and that (her roommate) stopped moving the love seat to yell at her. (Complainant stated she then attempted to walk around the loveseat at which point (the roommate) ‘smacked’ her with an open hand leaving a red mark at the time, and a bruise that remains. (Complainant) stated that when this occurred she lost her balance, but caught herself on a wall.”

The deputy noted he observed a small bruise on the woman’s arm, “though it did not appear to be from a hand strike.”

He then went to Highway 17 and eventually got in touch with the roommate, who said “she was moving her loveseat out of the house when (the complainant) began yelling at her about being late for work. (Roommate) stated that (complainant) shoved past (roommate) and stepped on the loveseat headrest which was positioned at an angle to get it through the door. (Roommate) stated that this left ‘heel marks’ on the couch.”

The deputy noted he saw “some marks on the couch,” but was “unable to determine what caused the marks by looking at them.”

The roommate then said the complainant “then began to fall, and she caught her and removed her from the loveseat.”

The roommate’s friend said there “was no aggression when (the roommate) removed (the complainant) from the loveseat, but she did make physical contact to get her (the roommate) off the loveseat.”

So, everybody got a case number and advice, etc.

Property dispute: Deputies were sent to a convenience store on Highway 17 on May 17 regarding “retrieving some property, a 40 foot camper trailer.”

The complainant said the camper belongs to her nephew and noted a man was living in there and refuses to leave.

Deputies spoke to him, and he said the complainant had moved in with him and they were living in his 26-foot camper when she said “her nephew had a 40-foot camper they could use. He moved his camper out and moved her nephew’s camper in.”

The man also said the 40-foot camper has “been there for about two weeks, but he has rented that lot for over four months.”

He also said he got the text “this morning advising he had to be out today. He was told previously he had till Sunday to move out.”

Everyone agreed he’d be out by noon May 18.

DUI refusal: Deputies were sent around 2 a.m. May 19 to the 17 mile marker on Highway 280 in Ellabell because a man reported something hit his car and damaged it. “While interviewing (the man) a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected coming from her person and when asked if he had been drinking any alcohol tonight, he refused to answer.”

The man also had bloodshot eyes and “his speech was mumbled.” He refused to submit to a field sobriety test and then was arrested, etc.

“After conducting an investigation to the cause of damage to his vehicle, it was determined (he) ran into the concrete bridge rail with the right front corner of his vehicle making it non drivable.”

He was cited with DUI and failure to maintain lane, then taken to jail. His car was towed.

DUI, speeding: Around 3 a.m. May 19 a car heading south on Highway 17 was clocked at 96 mph as it passed a deputy running radar. He pulled it over.

The driver showed the classic signs of being drunk, and “the passenger in the vehicle was slumped over and had vomited inside the vehicle.”

After getting EMS to come check the passenger, the deputy got the driver to “exit the vehicle and participate in several field sobriety tests,” including a preliminary breath test in which he blew a .191 – the legal limit in Georgia is .08.

The man was arrested.

Disorderly conduct: A Wilma Edwards Road man was arrested May 19 after he wouldn’t listen to deputies who tried to get him to calm down. Deputies were called because of a domestic disturbance and found the man in the front yard. “The offender appeared to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage ….”

The man told deputies he wanted his girlfriend out of the house. She said her boyfriend, also the father of their 6 month old, got mad after an argument “and started to throw things around in the house, pulling items out of the refrigerator and throwing them on the floor and demanding that she get her things and get out of the house.”

The woman said she was scared “that things were going to get worse and called 911.”

Deputies tried to tell the man he couldn’t “just throw (the woman) out of the residence. (He) then became very loud and belligerent and stated that he knew the law and that he could put her out.”

Deputies tried to calm the man down and get him to reason, and even offered to give him a lift to his parents “so that he could settle down and come back in the morning but he did not want to.”

Ultimately, he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

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