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Bryan County Sheriff's Office blotter Aug. 20
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:


DUI: A Blackjack Oak Drive man was arrested for DUI after he nearly rear-ended a deputy’s car around midnight Aug. 15.

The deputy’s report said he was driving east on Highway 144 when he saw a car “coming up behind me at a rate of speed higher than the posted speed limit. The vehicle slammed on the brakes as it came up behind me almost hitting my vehicle.”

The deputy pulled off at the gas station at the 144 spur and then back onto the road to follow the car, which “crossed the center line and the fog line several times,” then the driver put on his turn signal “and went over into the west lane of travel on Highway 144. (The car) continued driving east in the west land and then put the right turn signal on and moved back over to the east lane of travel.”
The deputy pulled the driver over and “smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic type beverage coming from inside of the vehicle,” and the driver’s “speech was slurred, his face was flushed and his eyes were red and glassy.”

He also blew a .145 on a preliminary breath test, etc. The man was cited for DUI and failure to maintain lane.


Road rage: A deputy was sent to Henderson Park shortly before 8 p.m. Aug. 15 to meet with a teenage girl and her grandmother. The teen said she was leaving Buckhead on Cross Winds Drive when “she passed an oncoming car.S he stated that the white male threw his hands up at her and yelled as they passed. She stated the white male followed her to Highway 144 intersection and got out of his vehicle> The white male (later ID’d as ….) walked up to her window and began yelling at her. She tried pulling out but he stepped in front of her car. The juvenile stated that (the man said she hit him) and he then struck the mirror on her door with his fist causing it to fall off. The juvenile stated she then sped away and called The Bryan County Sheriff’s Department.”

The man also called BCSO and met the reporting deputy at the South Bryan Administrative Complex. He said the teen “ran him off the road and he followed the juvenile to tell her to stop texting while driving. (The man) stated he was recently involved in a major vehicle accident and he was fearful of getting into another.”

The man said he didn’t want to scare the girl, or hurt her, but admitted to breaking the mirror “after the juvenile pulled her car forward striking his leg. (He) apologized for the incident and offered to repair any damage he caused,” and the teen, her grandmother and he came to an agreement, the report said. The man was told to call BCSO if “this ever happened again.”


Missing or stolen dog: An Linda Lane woman reported Friday that “she was told by someone in the 400 block that her dog was over there being held inside a fence,” according to a report. “She believes the dog followed some kids over the 400 block and never came back.”

The woman said she and her son met with a man in the 400 block who wanted $30 to show them where the dog was.

“(She) stated that the guy took them to a place and told her son … to come around back with him and get the dog. Once around back the guy took (her son’s) money and ran. She thinks the amount was $70 ….”

The deputy looked around the 400 block for the dog and “asked a couple of people if they had seen the dog with no avail,” the report said.


Warrant service, night hunting: A Cranston Bluff Road woman reported a man banging on her door around 7 a.m. Aug. 18. When deputies got there the man was gone, but a neighbor said he was in her garage and had been let in by someone who lives next door.

Deputies found the guy hiding behind a vehicle in the garage. He was ID’d, and told deputies he was “lost in the woods and just needed water …” so he knocked on the complainant’s door, the report said, noting the man also said he was “with his brother in the woods looking for deer tracks and deer to hunt.”

The man’s name was run through dispatch, and it turned out he was wanted by the Richmond Hill Police Department. He was “patted down” and deputies found a “fully loaded nickel plated Taurus .357 Magnum with a black rubber grip … a LED headlight lamp, thermacell mosquito repellent device, sliver multipurpose screw driver/plier tool, two shot gun shells that matched the shotgun shells found in his brother’s possession … and two .22 shells.”
The .357 serial number showed it had been stolen in Liberty County. The man, who gave a Buckhead address, was arrested.


Hunting deer at night, criminal trespass: Around 4:45 a.m. Aug. 18, a deputy was sent to Belfast Keller and the I-95 overpass “in reference to a complaint of a white male in a dark colored long-sleeved shirt and jeans, hitchhiking.” The deputy found the man at a dirt road to the Egypt Island Dock in the Georgia Wildlife Management Area, the report said.

The deputy said the man told him he had been dropped off by his girlfriend and was scouting areas for deer hunting season.

But Bryan County dispatcher said the man was wanted in Pooler for larceny and theft by deception. He was arrested, and while the deputy found ammo in the man’s pockets, he didn’t find any weapons and the man said he didn’t have any because he was on probation.

However, the deputy looked in the area and found “three loaded firearms up against the tree, and a camouflage backpack.”

The man, apparently the brother of the man who was found in a garage, was charged with trespassing and hunting deer at night.    


Emergency “breaching of door:” Deputies were sent to a Lee Road address around a.m. Aug. 19 “reference to a male subject on the phone stating she killed me and they have guns at the back of my head,” according to a report.

When deputies arrived, the man was still on the phone but wasn’t saying anything, and deputies searched for the exact address but came up empty.

“After about 20 minutes of searching the area deputies decided to start knocking on doors in this area because of the nature of the call.”

When deputies knocked at one address, dispatchers said “they could hear the knocks through the open phone line.”

“At this point deputies secured the area of the residence and started looking into the windows and trying to get (the man) to speak to them and he would only keep shouting out loud he couldn’t move they got guns to the back of my head,” the report said. “(He) was inside his home on his bed without any type weapons and nobody else was inside the residence.”
Eventually, deputies forced their way in and found no weapons or other people inside. The man voluntarily went with Bryan County EMS for evaluation at St. Joseph’s, the report said.



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