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Arrest made for alleged child molestation
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Richmond Hill Police have arrested a man for alleged child molestation.

Police Chief Billy Reynolds said Donald Hillis, 66, of Belle Grove Circle was picked up Tuesday afternoon after a neighbor reported seeing the man acting inappropriately with a neighborhood girl.

"We had some witnesses observe something they didn’t think was appropriate," Reynolds said. "We initiated an investigation and conducted an interview. It was determined we had enough evidence to make an arrest on Mr. Hillis."

Reynolds said the child was a girl from the neighborhood, but he didn’t comment on her age or how she may have known the suspect.

Reynolds also said the case is still under investigation.

According to the police report dated May 16, a neighbor was riding down the road when he allegedly saw Hillis and a girl from the neighborhood with their bicycles stopped in the road.

The neighbor told police he saw Hillis’ inappropriately touching the child. The report further indicates that when Hillis saw the neighbor, he pulled his hand away from the girl and took money from his pocket, though the report doesn’t indicate if Hillis gave the money to the girl.

The neighbor who witnessed the incident contacted the girl’s family, who subsequently called police. A separate police report said Hillis was assaulted at his home about three hours before he was arrested, but the alleged attacker was not identified and it was unclear if he was related to the alleged victim.

Reynolds said investigators immediately went to work on the molestation allegation, interviewing the alleged victim. He said there was enough evidence found to arrest the man on one charge of child molestation.

According to a representative at the Bryan County Jail, Hillis was arrested and booked around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon. His bond was set at $35,000 by a judge and Hillis posted it at 4 p.m. through a professional bonding company.

Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith confirmed Hillis was released Tuesday.

"It looks like he came in, was booked and posted bond and got out," Smith said. "(Those arrested) are eligible for bond as soon as they get one set."

Smith said Hillis’ file did not say whether conditions of Hillis' bond included staying away from the girl.

It was unclear if charges will be filed in the alleged assault on Hillis.

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