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A high school intern’s take on Valentine’s Day
Lizzy Donker
Lizzy Donker

By Lizzy Donker, BCN intern.

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, galentine’s day, whatever you want to call it.

For some it’s a day of love and romance, for some a day to watch the notebook by yourself over a box of tissues.

According to some of today’s youth (i.e. not a reliable source), Valentine’s Day is a day to “hangout with your friends and eat food” or to “do a galentines.” Though some say it’s not that bad, many have shared that they “hate Valentines Day,” and other things that I cannot repeat as I tend to enjoy actually having a job.

So, I am here to share my opinion on the whole Valentine’s Day thing, even though you didn’t ask for it (you’re welcome). First of all – let’s get some things out of the way that we have all been thinking.

If you’re one of those people who carry around the giant teddy bear or bouquet of flowers or whatever it is that your boyfriend got you on Valentine’s Day (unless you’re Taylor Swift in a romcom with Taylor Lautner), can you just not?

Seriously, you are the problem. We’re all happy for you but we would be a lot happier for you if you just kept these things to yourself.

Note: if you are a boyfriend or husband or a whoever or a whatever you are, buy your girl some flowers.

Seriously, dude, it costs $10 to not have to look over your shoulder for the next two months. Secondly, if your goal on Valentine’s Day is to make sure that everyone knows just how much you hate Valentine’s Day, just let it go. We would all be a lot happier and able to enjoy our days without your looming cloud of negativity. It’s only making things worse.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why should I be happy on Valentine’s Day?

I have no one to get me flowers or share this romantic holiday with and I’m going to die alone! First of all, you’re probably only 16 and have more than enough time to find someone to get sick of, so calm yourself down. Secondly, I’m going to tell you just some of the many reasons why this whole Valentine’s Day thing doesn’t have to be so bad after all.

No. 1: Do I even have to say it? CANDY SALES, PEOPLE!! Yeah, your Valentine’s Day might not be great, but hit up your local Walmart two days after and you can overdose on sugar for at least 50 cents less than normal!

I realize I sound like I’m being sarcastic, and I usually am, but you will seriously see me eating chocolate for the next two weeks. No. 2: Three words.

Target. Dollar. Section. If there’s absolutely nothing else to look forward to, you can almost always count on finding the most useless random Valentine’s Day decor that you definitely don’t need and for sure shouldn’t spend your money on. If you get it, you get it. I genuinely went to Target yesterday and almost spent a good $20 on a fluffy heart pillow that I would 100% stuff in a closet in about a week once I realize how ugly it actually is.

My mom did talk me out of this purchase – but I will be returning to get it.

No. 3: Literally what better thing do we have to do from January until at least April.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then there’s a holiday drought. Ain’t no way us Pinterest board keepers are going three plus months without unnecessarily decorating our house for some commercialized holiday. Not to mention that by the first week of February almost all of us are suffering from seasonal depression and that fat beaver somehow keeps finding a way to see his dang shadow. How has no one looked into an alternative animal that better suits my need to wear my new swimsuit collection? The least we can do is enjoy a bright and fun holiday in the midst of all this gross winter.

No. 4: If you really, really don’t have anyone else to celebrate with, Valentine’s Day is above all else a day to treat yourself! Of course, we all like to do that every other day of the year, too, but at least now we have an excuse! Eat that donut, order that thing you’ve been wanting online, or just have a binge watching session of your favorite show.

And if you start feeling lonely, remember how much money you are saving by not having to buy someone else chocolate and listen to some Destiny’s Child, and I promise you will make it.

With all of that being said, I expect to see all of you looking bright eyed and bushy tailed this Feb. 14 (unlike whatever his name is Phil) and don’t buy all of the clearance candy because I want some.

RHHS senior Lizzy Donker is our high school intern.

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