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Why Facebook's new breakup tools are better than unfriending an ex
After a breakup, things can get awkward online and offline. But Facebook is testing new tools to make the online part of a breakup go more smoothly. - photo by Chandra Johnson
Facebook has announced it's testing new tools to make the online task of breaking up easier.

Rather than blocking an ex immediately, a user will have the option with the new tools to see fewer of the other person's posts when changing his or her relationship status.

Some think the move is a good thing, given that unfriending or blocking someone can create real-life problems. As the Huffington Post reported, a University of Colorado poll found that "40 percent of survey respondents said they would avoid a person who unfriended them on Facebook if they saw him or her in real life. Another 10 percent said they weren't sure what they'd do in such a situation, and 50 percent said they would not avoid the person."

"Unfriending someone is rarely warranted unless you are trying to preserve your own mental health," Slate reported. "As (the University of Colorado study author) allows, 'the cost of maintaining (Facebook) friendships is pretty low. If you make a conscious effort to push a button to get rid of someone, that can hurt.'

The new tools, the BBC reported, allow exes to essentially tiptoe around each other on Facebook to avoid hurting each other's feelings.

"Facebook's new breakup tool is about altering what an ex can see, but without them knowing you've done anything," the BBC reported. "Nothing says 'playing it cool' like blocking someone on Facebook."

The feature is rolling out early adoption now, but to try it, a user has to break up with someone at least, online.
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