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Watch this video to see back-to-school 'though the eyes of a kindergartner'
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Entering kindergarten is an early milestone in a person's life, and a Missouri father didn't want to miss his daughter's first day, according to Daily Mail.

So, in true technology-age fashion, Derek Duncan of St. Louis had his 6-year-old daughter Adrianna strap a GoPro to herself and capture the morning preparation, bus ride and friend making, Jenny Stanton wrote for Daily Mail.

The video has amassed more than 547,000 views since posted on Facebook, and its success surprised Duncan. However, he told Stanton "to see the world through the eyes of children" proves both entertaining and informative for parents and educators, a factor that made the clip a hit.

"We wanted to make a back-to-school video that had never been done before," Duncan said. "We thought putting a GoPro on a kindergartner would show a unique perspective that gives people a glimpse into what it's like going to school for the very first time"

According to WSB-TV, the video also evokes nostalgia, reminding parents of their kindergarten experiences, also showing how quickly children grow up.

And viewers agreed.

"I only made it to the part when she waves to her family it the bus stop," one person wrote on the Facebook post. "I started crying like a baby."

Parents also needn't have a kindergartner to get a bit teary-eyed, one mother posted.

"It made me cry! Super sweet! I remember when my little one on her 1st day of kindergarten.. One year ago today!" she wrote.
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