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U.S. kids react hilariously to international school lunches
Cut Video offered some American children traditional school lunches from across the world, and, as their faces show, they thought some were better than others. - photo by Payton Davis
When it comes to school lunches from across the globe, a new clip by Cut Video shows not all of them are created equal in the eyes of U.S. students, at least.

According to BuzzFeed, the Cut Video staff gathered "a bunch of American kiddos" and offered them a diverse slate of dishes typically served at schools in other countries, including India, France and Sweden.

Between the students' remarks and faces after eating foreign selections, it's no wonder the clip has collected more than 3 million views since its release, Khaleda Rahman wrote for the Daily Mail.

The video might even include a lesson for a younger audience, noted Rahman.

"Kids are notoriously picky eaters," Rahman wrote. "But perhaps American children will appreciate their meals a bit more after seeing this delightfully funny video of seven contemporaries trying school lunches from around the world."

All in all, reviews were mixed on the Indian, Swedish and French lunches.

A surprise favorite, however, was the high-energy biscuit from Afghanistan.

"I would go to Afghanistan to get that really, really good cube cookie thingamajig," one kid said after trying the traditional Afghan food.
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