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Tips for live tweeting TV
Its fun to take the conversation online to discuss the madness of a TV show with other fans in the form of the live tweet. Below are some tips on how best to do it. - photo by Amanda Taylor
TV LAND In todays TV-watching climate, there are so many options for experiencing television its almost ridiculous.

You can watch a show and then watch another hour of a show that talks about the first show. You can watch a show and then immediately get online and talk to a bunch of strangers on Tumblr about theories. You can re-live the episodes over and over in GIF form. The possibilities for experiencing and watching TV are endless.

Heading into November sweeps (when network television airs its weddings and deaths and other gasp-worthy moments to get the highest ratings), its fun to take the conversation online to discuss the madness with other TV fans in the form of live tweeting Below are some tips on how best to do it.

Warn your followers youre about to live-tweet

Its only fair to be polite about the tweetstorm youre about to unleash. Thats what the mute button is for! (This could apply to sporting events as well.) That way your followers don't get annoyed of your commentary if they aren't interested.

Use hashtags

A lot of the fun of tweeting about a show as it airs is making new internet friends who are also tweeting. It can also help your favorite shows if they get a lot of twitter attention theyre more likely to stick around!

Tag friends you know are also watching the show

Start conversations and introduce your similarly-minded internet people by introducing them to your favorite show, whether they like the same couple or disagree on plot points.

Give spoiler alerts

If you dont want to be vague or strictly reactionary, be courteous to your followers for at least 24 hours following the original airdate of the episode. If youre watching old episodes of Buffy or The X-Files, though, no pressure. Spoilers have a statute of limitations.

Consider an account just for the purpose of live tweeting

People who enjoy live tweeting many events and episodes might consider a separate account just for that purpose, so people can join in and follow along or not! That way you aren't constantly blasting your followers with a ton of tweets about one thing.
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