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This family didnt think anyone would come to their sons birthday party. They were very, very wrong
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Camden Eubank's family didnt think anyone would show up to his 10th birthday party, so they reached out to Reddit, Facebook and social media for help.

And help they sure got.

This past weekend, Camden Eubanks birthday drew a crowd of more than 300 people, according to WDBJ7. This is on top of the droves of gifts, cake and balloons that the family received prior to the party all thanks to the Internet.

"Presents came from Brazil, Germany, China, Canada, there's names on there I couldn't even tell you where they are," Wayne Eubank, the boy's father, said. "One guy, he said he had the means and he wanted to start him a college fund. What do you tell someone? Yeah, we appreciate it. That's all you can say. It's fantastic."

Camden, who is homeschooled, has a speech disorder called apraxia of speech, which limits his speaking abilities in social settings and makes it difficult for him to make friends, WDBJ7 reported. But thanks to the Internet, Camden now has friends aplenty.

See more about the Eubank birthday in this video.
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