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The surprising hashtag Instagram banned
Instagram is a haven for quick snaps of your lunch, tricky yoga poses and outfits of the day. However, some are saying it isnt a safe place for body positivity after it was discovered that Instagram had banned the hashtag curvy. - photo by Shelby Slade
Instagram is a haven for quick snaps of your lunch, tricky yoga poses and outfits of the day.

However, some are saying it isnt a safe place for body positivity, especially after it was revealed that Instagram had banned the hashtag curvy.

Instagram told Lauren Williams for ThinkProgress that the hashtag was banned not for what it represented but because of the photos that got shared with the hashtag, which often violated their community guidelines on nudity.

While the hashtag curvy is blocked on Instagram, Buzzfeed writer Nora Whelan found that the popular social networking site has yet to block other hashtags that also often feature some highly inappropriate content.

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Other hashtags used to describe womens bodies, often in a less positive fashion, continue to thrive, Whelan found. Obese and fat arent blocked, and terms like skinny and thin come with a warning about possible content supporting eating disorders.

In response, curvy women and others championing body positivity have started using the hashtag curvee instead.

While some of the images collecting under this hashtag do feature bikini-clad women (or worse), many of the images also feature inspirational sayings or well-dressed women talking about body image.

This new hashtag shows just a small slice of the tight-knit body positivity community that has the ability to thrive on Instagram.

The site has seen its fair share of body positivity hashtags over the years and has many accounts dedicated to making women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful and comfortable in their bodies, Julia Carpenter reported for The Washington Post.

"People forget that social media is just what you want people to see, and it's very easy to be someone you're not," Tess Holliday, a plus-sized model, said. "I think the reason #effyourbeautystandards did so well on Instagram was because wanted something that was authentic. It always been real women, with bodies of all shapes and sizes genders and race sharing their stories. It is relatable and helps others feel like they aren't alone."

Instagram has faced backlash from users before for deleting posts or accounts they felt were violating their guidelines. However, a representative told The Huffington Post in January they were still trying to make sure they were being fair.

"We try hard to find a good balance between allowing people to express themselves creatively and having policies in place to maintain a comfortable experience for our global and culturally diverse community," the Instagram spokesperson said. "This is one reason why our guidelines put limitations on nudity, but we recognize that we dont always get it right."

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