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The Clean Cut: Evian babies surf in new advertisement
The Evian babies make their return in the latest advertisement for the water brand. - photo by Morgan Jones
The Evian babies were synchronized swimmers in 1998, Rollerbladers in 2009 and dancers in 2013. In an advertisement for the water brand released Tuesday, the Evian babies are back at it, this time riding the tide of Baby Bay.

Evians Roller Babies advertisement was once recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most viewed online video advertisement, according to It has over 82 million views on YouTube.

"We're just not tired of them," Olivia Sanchez-Castro, vice president of marketing for Danone Waters of America, told Adweek. "The babies are the embodiment of youth, and that's always been a part of Evian's DNA. We don't feel it's over yet. It's about entertainment and the embodiment of youth for us."

The idea to feature babies in its advertisements stemmed from medical research, according to Adweek.

Evian was recommended by doctors as the perfect water for babies way back in 1935, thanks to its pH-neutral mineral composition Adweek reported.

The new advertisement has been viewed over 87,000 times since its release.
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