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The Clean Cut: 3-year-old writes presidential speech, father reads it in her voice.
No Caption - photo by Koster Kennard
3-year-old YouTuber Claire Ryann recently wrote a presidential speech for her dad. On Friday, her YouTube channel posted a video of him reading it.

The video starts with Mr. Ryann panicking as he receives his daughter's doodled speech right before he goes "live."

When his speech starts his voice changes to that of his daughter. The video switches between him reading the speech at his desk and Claire writing it at hers.

In a Facebook comment on the video Claire's father said he had trouble avoiding laughing when delivering the speech.

Other comments came from Ryann's fans.

"I agree with you, Claire!" read one comment of the facebook post of the video. "That was the best speech I've heard all political year."

Last week, Ryann's channel posted a video of her talking about the presidential candidates.

Claire's channel also features her singing Disney songs and otherwise experiencing childhood.

Watch the video here.
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