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The 4 best Summers in film and TV
Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer (2009) - photo by Amanda Taylor
SUNNY SUMMER In the time between spring and autumn, when the sun is closest to our hemisphere and everybody is shedding layers in favor of sunscreen and shades, there is a lot to celebrate.

Perhaps you remember a break from school spent visiting the pool daily, or bringing home stacks of books from the library to read under a shady tree. There were those warm, moonlit nights filled with lazy conversation. Every summer has something to offer, but these are the truly best Summers (capital "S") in pop culture.

Summer Finn '500 Days of Summer'

An unexpectedly honest, adorably quirky Summer, Miss Finn never wastes time pretending she wants to be anything other than exactly what she is. Complete with a collection of timeless and enviable sundresses, and perpetually un-mussed bangs.

Buffy Summer(s) 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

This is a Summer(s) you want by your side in times of trouble. Capable, confident and courageous, shes the opposite of a damsel in distress, and always manages to look fashionable and polished while doing so! She is also loyal almost to a fault.

Summer Wheatley 'Napoleon Dynamite'

The cliche blonde snob, Summer wears her popularity and her pride with honor. She runs for class president with the confidence she can win and lead the student body down her chosen path of coolness. With her, it will be summer all year long.

Summer Roberts 'The O.C.'

She is not only a secret genius, she also has a real verve for life. And when things in Newport get a little crazy? Ew! She concocts a plan to turn things right-side-up again. Not to mention, she has an adorable bunny named Pancakes.

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