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Meet Flippy, the robot who can flip burgers at this burger chain
As USA Today reported, the burger chain Caliburger recently unveiled Flippy, a robot that has one sole function flip hamburgers. - photo by Herb Scribner
Robots are becoming the "third hand" in the kitchens of at least one fast food chain.

As USA Today reported, the burger chain Caliburger recently unveiled Flippy, a robot that has one sole function flipping hamburgers.

The robot, which costs around $100,000, can flip more than 2,000 burgers in one day.

The company said it bought the robot because fewer people are applying to be fry cooks, USA Today reported.

Here's how it works: A human will craft and season the burger. He or she will then place it before Flippy, who then places them on the griddle, monitors their temperature, flips them and then takes them off the griddle to cool, according to USA Today.

The robot, which can flip 300 burgers in one hour, uses 3D and thermal cameras to monitor the burgers as they cook, according to Digital Trends. Humans can keep track of the burgers using a software program.

Humans will later add the bun to the burger.

Flippy can also clean spatulas and wipe down counters.

Anyone whos ever worked in a restaurant knows how hard the work is and the value of extra hands and thats exactly what we built, said David Zito, the CEO of Miso Robotics, which created Flippy with the help of the Cali Group, the owner of the Pasadena-based Caliburger chain, according to Digital Trends.

CaliBurger plans to install Flippy in 50 different restaurant locations across the country. Miso Robotics received $10 million in funding back in February, which lifted the companys total funding to $14 million, according to TechCrunch.

Zito said Flippy wont replace jobs.

People see a robot, they hear robot, they assume job replacement, he told USA Today. This isnt about replacing jobs. This is about a third hand in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, robots run two hotels in Japan, according to Business Insider. Robots will help you check into the Henna Hotels in Nagasaki and Tokyo, and they will help you carry your luggage to your room.
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