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If you forget to do this every day, you could lose her
Your relationship needs love, kisses, and good conversation, but it also needs another crucial ingredient if you want to keep her forever. - photo by Jenna Koford
You'll find hundreds of things online telling you how to have the best relationship ever. People give advice left and right, and it all seems overwhelming. You have to kiss for 15 seconds a day, you have to say the right things, and you need to be the best romantic ever.

Love doesn't have to be complicated; in fact, it should feel easy and natural. Your relationship needs love, kisses, and good conversation, but it also needs another crucial ingredient if you want to keep each other forever.

If you forget to do the dishes, it's not the end of the world. If you forget to pick up milk at the store, she'll forgive you. But there's one thing you cannot forget to do every single day of your relationship.

You cannot forget to ask.

Ask what? Anything, really! Communication is the key to great relationships, and when you ask your woman things, she'll feel more appreciated. That doesn't mean you have to bombard her with question after question, but if you don't ask her a few questions throughout the day, she may feel like you don't need her or care for her thoughts.

Here are a few things you can ask her about, and it will completely change the way you communicate. Instead of the same old "How was your day?" you can ask other things that will silently show your love.

Here are 8 things to ask your spouse:

1. Ask about specific parts of the day

Try to remember little details of her day. Maybe she had an important meeting with a boss, or she wanted to find a new recipe to try. Ask her about the specific parts of the day, and she'll feel like you truly care.

2. Ask how she's feeling

This may seem obvious, but even if she seems happy, it doesn't hurt to pause and say, "Honey, how are you doing?" The most important part is listening for the answer.

3. Ask her why she looks so good

One of the best kinds of compliment can be a simple question: "Wow, why do you look so great?" Avoid using the word "today." If you said, "Why do you look so good today?" she'll wonder about the other days of the week when you didnt' say anything.

4. Ask her if she needs anything from the store

She may send you to the store often, but if you find yourself at any store on your own, give her a quick text or call. This shows you're thinking about her, even when you're away.

5. Ask for her opinion

The best thing you can ask is her opinion. She'll feel appreciated and know that you care about what she thinks. Whether it's her thoughts on your new shoes, or your next career move, her opinion needs to be valued.

6. Ask about the book she's reading

When you ask your woman about her hobbies or interests, she'll see that you want to be involved. Take it a step further and read the same book so you can talk about the story or ideas in it. She'll put down her book or pause her reading if you ask her how she enjoys it. Don't ever feel like you're bothering her when you ask her a question (unless she tells you to leave her alone!).

7. Ask about what she likes and doesn't like in the relationship

A good relationship requires communication, but not just at the beginning. Regular "checkups" with your partner may seem awkward at first, but it will help in the long run. When you ask her what makes her happy and what you need to do better, your relationship will grow. You'll be able to tell her the things you need as well. Ask about your relationship, even if you feel it's the strongest one around.

8. Ask her where she wants to go to dinner

Maybe she won't be able to pinpoint one restaurant, or she'll spend 20 minutes saying, "I don't care." But it's still important to ask. Offer her three choices and ask her to narrow it down to two. Then, you pick the last place if she's indecisive.

When you ask, you show love. This simple gesture will make your woman feel more important, more involved, and more loved. If you don't ask her questions or continue to ask about her interests or feelings, you may lose her. Ask what you can do to keep her forever.
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