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Have You Seen This? Tom Cruise does his own stunts
No Caption - photo by Martha Ostergar
STUNTVILLE Tom Cruise has made a reputation for himself for out-there behavior, and not just because he jumped on Oprahs couch.

Jumping on couches is one thing, but doing your own stunts when youre an action-movie star is another. No, Tom Cruise isnt the first or only actor who does many of his or her own stunts, but he certainly has a knack for garnering attention with what he does.

You may remember Cruise from such Mission: Impossible stunts as dangling outside the worlds tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai; free climbing at Dead Horse Point in Utah, or almost crashing to the floor in a pressure-sensitive room.

As part of the promotion for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, the studio released video of a brand-new insane stunt. This time Mr. Cruise gets himself strapped to the side of a big ol plane, which then takes off with Cruise hanging on for dear life.

The stunt is straight-up bananas for a couple of reasons: 1. He cant get in the plane in an emergency, and 2. If the plane crashes there is virtually zero chance of his survival. Yet the man does the stunt eight times. It so nerve-racking, it just makes my lips numb to think about it.

No matter what you think of Cruise or his movies, theres no denying thats impressive dedication that may or may not border on insanity.
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