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Have You Seen This? Tears for Fears and dulcimers
You didnt know you desperately needed to hear Everybody Wants to Rule the World on a hammered dulcimer until this moment. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE MUSIC ROOM You may not know what a hammered dulcimer looks like, but if you watch popular TV and movies, its more than likely that youve heard one.

For example, if youre a BBCs Sherlock fan, youve heard the hammered dulcimer in every intense fight or chase scene; and if youre a Lord of the Rings fan, you heard it in Gollums theme during The Two Towers. But those arent the only examples. There are dozens of movie and TV scores that include the hammered dulcimer.

What you for sure didnt know is that you desperately needed to hear hammered dulcimer covers of pop songs. I know, I know, youre reading this and thinking Im a pompous windbag trying to tell you what you need, but lets put it to the test. Please watch this video of musician Ted Yoder covering Everybody Wants to Rule the World by the 80s emo immortals Tears for Fears then reassess your feelings. (Yes, Im still a pompous windbag, I know.)

The haunting sounds of the hammer dulcimer and the delicate yet swift movements required to play it are mesmerizing and soothing. Its a remarkable instrument that can sound ethereal and urgent at the same time.

If you like what you hear, you can hear more from Yoder on his YouTube channel or you can visit his website. A creepy version of Hotel California and a delicate version of Dust in the Wind are waiting for you.
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