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Have You Seen This? Surprise ending to water jet vs. skateboard wheel
The internet likes (controlled) destruction, and a YouTube channel has your latest fix with a skateboard wheel and a water jet. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE WAREHOUSE As we all know, the internet is controlled by cats and memes.

But a video genre has been sneaking its way into the hearts of interneters for several years now: controlled destruction.

(Please dont try any of these videos at home.)

Some people say this destruction is all in the name of science, and many of the videos clearly do have some scientific lesson you can learn. But lets be honest: the makers of these videos are rarely focusing on the science. Theyre focusing on pure, raw destruction.

But were not really complaining, are we?

Weve all been delighted and fascinated by more than one video from destruction pioneers Blendtecs Will It Blend?, and more recently we cant stop watching the mesmerizing Hydraulic Press Channel and The Slo Mo Guys.

Now it seems that people (to the tune of over 31 million viewers) are starting to catch on to the quality destruction videos from Lehis own Waterjet Channel. From cutting bullet proof glass and bowling balls to digital single-lens reflex cameras and iPhones, these guys and their waterjet hold nothing sacred.

In their latest video, they partnered with Bountiful company BodyFuardz to see just what would happen when you take the 60,000 psi from a water jet and use it to spin a skateboard wheel.

Spoiler alert: an explosion and high-speed trajectory happen.

But wait, theres more! The most interesting thing that really happens is that the wheel spins so fast it heats up enough to start expanding to the size of a giant glazed donut before its ultimate doom.

Visit the Waterjet Channel to see more mayhem, or take a look at my personal favorite waterjet versus a Thanksgiving turkey, just like mama makes.
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