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Have You Seen This? Stunningly awesome swimming robot
It is time to welcome our robot overlords, by land and by sea. - photo by Martha Ostergar
UNDERWATER Science is cool and all, but sometimes science can appear frightening, especially when it comes to robots.

Untippable robots and running robots are both fascinating and off-putting, as you can see here and here, but theyve got nothing on this new eel-like robot.

The Eelume robot introduced by international tech company Kongsberg Gruppen looks like it slithered straight out of a sci-fi horror movie. Even though this robot was created for subsea inspection and light intervention, its hard not to see it as a mashup of a shrieking eel from The Princess Bride and one of Doc Ocs killer robotic arms. Not a pleasant combination.

And no, it doesnt help that it has red lights on its head, playing into the evil red-eyed robot tropes weve come to know and love. In fact, if the Terminator had a pet, it would probably be the Eelume, but with more deadly lasers.

Of course, when you stop having nightmares about this robot slithering up beneath you as swim in an ocean or lake, you can see how completely advanced and awesome the Eelume really is. It seems impossible that this little dude moves forward without thrusters, but thats exactly what its doing as it maintains underwater equipment.

To learn more about the technical specs and purpose of Eelume, visit the Eelume website here. Otherwise, just wait for this robot to come visit your nightmares.
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