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Have You Seen This? Shaved beards break hearts
An inquisitive toddler is adorably displeased when he sees his dad without a beard for the first time. - photo by Martha Ostergar
BEDTIME Its tough being a kid.

I mean, its a big world out there, and to small children everything is new and potentially frightening and overwhelming. Not to mention the fact toddlers are learning to walk, talk and work those fine motor skills. Growing up is a chore all around.

So when Greg Hogans son saw him without his beard for the first time ever, it was difficult to process, as you will see in this adorable video.

First, the boys curiosity takes over and he asks questions about where his dads beard is. Then theres the realization that the beard is gone, its just gone. What a world! That is simply too for the curly haired imp to handle (especially at bedtime), and there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Do you still love me? Hogan asks.

No! the boy shouts in despair. I want your beard.

Dont worry, it ends on a sweet, smiling note after dad promises to set it right by growing a new beard just for junior.
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