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Have You Seen This? Reporter versus Irish weather
The thing about live, outdoor weather reports is that theres always, um, weather. - photo by Martha Ostergar
DUBLIN As a person who has worked behind the scenes in the news, theres nothing quite as right as a live report going innocently wrong.

I probably feel this way because Ive personally never reported on live TV which is an inherently stressful situation in the first place so of course Ive never been a victim of or responsible for a live-TV mishap either. But knowing my fair share of TV reporters, its safe to say that most of them can appreciate the humor of the unexpected, and their co-workers appreciate it even more.

The things about live, outdoor weather reports is that theres always, um, weather. So on a gusty, rainy Friday in Dublin, reporter Deric hArtagin of TV3s Ireland AM probably wasnt expecting completely smooth sailing.

That being said, he also probably wasnt expecting that any problems would come from a traitorous umbrella. In the video, hArtagin is clipping along in his (lovely) Irish dialect when a particularly cheeky gust of wind pops his umbrella inside out.

That in and of itself would be entertaining on some level, but the particular squeal that comes out of hArtagins mouth plus his unexpected exit out of frame so delights the studio anchors that they have a hard time keeping it together.

Not to be foiled by an inanimate object, hArtagin heads back into frame, struggling with the mangled umbrella. Of course, this makes the whole thing funnier, but the beleaguered reporter certainly doesnt make a complete recovery. However, there is grace in humor, so if you read this, Mr. hArtagin, congratulations on your hilarity-infused grace under pressure on live TV.
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