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Have You Seen This? NBC reporters hilarious 2004 badminton rant resurfaces
NBCs Mary Carillos tongue-in-cheek rant about badminton during the 2004 Athens Olympics resurfaces, and the internet rejoices. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE COURT Sometimes its bad that things on the internet never die, but sometimes its the greatest gift in the whole wide word. This video is the latter situation.

As an ex-tennis pro, NBCs Mary Carillo has the sports experience and credibility to be a sports reporter. But its her personality and sense of humor that make her one of the best. (At least in my very humble and correct opinion.)

During the 2004 Athens Olympics, Carillo gave what at first appeared to be a straight report on badminton, but it slowly spiraled into a hysterical rant about the inferior and frustrating backyard version of the game.

As a person who grew up in a large family in a neighborhood full of kids, the scenario that Carillo describes sounds eerily familiar. From sporting equipment stuck in trees to random harmless incidents becoming neighborhood events, Carillos commentary comes from a place of truth.

Theres not much more I can say without spoiling Carillos genius. Just know that if you wait out the first minute or so, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be delighted.

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