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Have You Seen This? Mesmerizing 4K paint swirls
Rivers of paint set to an ethereal tune work together for a spellbinding and soul-soothing video experience. - photo by Martha Ostergar
LYON, France Artists know what resonates with their souls, but they dont necessarily know what will resonate with others.

Vimeo user Thomas Blanchard probably didnt know that experimenting with paint, oil and liquid soap would be video gold, but thats pretty much what it has turned out to be for thousands of viewers.

Kingdom of Colours is one of several videos from Blanchard, which he describes as an experimental, dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves. In other words, the video is a visual, soul-soothing lullaby.

Its easy to compare the 4K paint swirls in the video to nature, which certainly contributes to the videos soothing effect. The paint strongly resembles aerial shots of flowing rivers and branching tributaries in super-saturated candy colors.

I admit that I found myself relaxing my shoulders and breathing a little easier as I watched. In fact, Ive watched the video several times now to chase the ethereal wonder I felt on my first viewing. So take a deep breath, press play and use the next 2 minutes as a mini vacation from your cares.

To see similar videos from Blanchard, visit his website.
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