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Have You Seen This? K-9 Jester is an Instagram dream
A police dog named Jester works hard and plays hard, but he still just seems like a giant, lovable goofball. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE INTERNET When youre a dog that is trained to fight crime, it makes sense that people might be afraid of you.

But if youre a dog with a good personal brand and a handler who knows how to market that brand, you can and will probably win Instagram for being a lovable goofball.

Thats just what a Belgian Malinois named Jester is doing. Hes a working police K-9 based in El Cajon, California, that keeps finding his way into all my social media news feeds, and Im so glad he did.

Jester is creeping up toward 1 million followers for several reasons. First, hes obviously a good boy who is good as his job. In the first video I saw of him, I couldnt believe how terrifyingly fast he was.

Second, his attentive face makes him look like a bit of a dope and a goofball. Plus, his "resting" face makes him look worried or confused, which of course makes me want to give him a big hug. (It's a bad idea to hug or touch any sort of working dog, including K-9s. Please don't do it; imagine it instead.)

Third, Jesters handler has a sense of humor, and he often posts pictures of Jester in delightful costumes. I mean, who doesnt love a dog in a propeller hat or a hoodie? Answer: no one.

To enjoy more from Jester, you can follow him on Instagram at @k9_jester.
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