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Have You Seen This? Intense POV run of worlds largest parkour course
The course was set up at Heavens Gate on a mountain in China, with an average incline of 45 degrees down 999 steps. - photo by Martha Ostergar
INSANITYVILLE Parkour as a sport is not for the faint of heart or weak of limbs.

Its as physically demanding as any type of gymnastics, but parkourists (or freerunners) are doing their gymnastics on top of high walls and between buildings with the full adrenaline of spontaneous, death-defying tricks. No big.

(Meanwhile, theres a whole group of us who trip over our feet in our own houses. We should probably get medals for each day we dont bruise or maim ourselves, but I digress.)

Enter the largest parkour course in the world, one slightly bonkers YouTube user and 19-year-old freerunner named Calen Chan.

The course is called Skyladder, and it was set up at the famous Heavens Gate stairway on Tianmen Mountain in China. According to Chan, the course runs about 300 yards over 999 steps, with an average incline of 45 degrees.

Chan videoed his run with a GoPro. Of course, most people would strap that business onto their heads for the run, but Chan held the camera in his mouth. Even though that seems impractical at best, Chans run has stunning, if not terrifying, views as you will see in the video.

Try not to hold your breath as Chan traverses loads of platforms and obstacles, including some unsuspecting tourists loitering in the obstacles near the bottom of the run. (It appears Chan is running the course for fun, not for a tournament, so there is no clear course.)

You can catch more of Chans physical antics on his YouTube channel.
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