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Have You Seen This? Girl is baffled by touch screen-less Game Boy
It was inevitable, but the day has finally arrived. Kids no longer recognize devices without touch screens. Fortunately, this little clip is as delightful as it is chilling. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
VIDEO GAME LAND Look, we all knew this day was coming. We shouldn't be surprised.

Once that first iPhone was released, we were basically living inside a giant countdown until the day when kids would no longer recognize anything without a touch screen.

Well, that day has arrived. And sure, it was inevitable. But it's still a little chilling to watch. Chilling and adorable, that is, thanks to the little girl in this video.

The video was posted to YouTube just yesterday by Chris Cohoon, and it already has gained a well-deserved 1.2 million views, showing that we, and the whole internet, are amazed by this.

The 12-second clip shows a girl trying to enjoy some good old-fashioned Game Boy fun (can you believe Game Boys are now considered old-fashioned fun?), but unfortunately she can't figure out how to use the device.

As the game's music plays she taps on the screen to no avail, clearly confused why it's not reacting like an iPad does. Eventually, she'll probably figure out that the little buttons on the bottom half of the console are there for a reason, and maybe she'll learn to love Game Boys as much as we all once did. Who knows? After this, maybe all the hipster kids will start playing Game Boys as a nostalgic throwback to the youthful days of their parents.
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