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Have You Seen This? Fat raccoon thinks its sneaky
Raccoons often have a good amount of girth, which doesnt do this raccoon any stealth-related favors. - photo by Martha Ostergar
NINJA TRAINING CAMP As scavengers, raccoons often have to be stealthy.

Sneakiness works wonders for raccoons in the forest or when they find a full, suburban trash can. But new video evidence shows that pet raccoons arent doing so well in the sneaking department.

In the video, you will see a rather rotund raccoon. Although we have no actual evidence, we can probably assume that the raccoon is well fed and uses almost no energy to scavenge (AKA exercise). As a result, hes a fat little fellow a very fat little fellow.

The other thing we can assume is that the raccoon likes to play with the cat, and the cat doesnt necessarily like to play with the raccoon. Thus, the raccoon has to be sneaky to even get close to the cat to tempt it into play.

Youre probably beginning to see the problem. Youll see the problem even more clearly if you watch the video, and then you will laugh heartily at a fat, army-crawling raccoon that is basically the opposite of a ninja.

Since I know you will fall in love with this video and the raccoon, let me take this moment to remind you that raccoons are wild animals and are not advisable pets.
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