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Have You Seen This? Dont challenge teachers to dance-offs
Sometimes teachers teach you, but sometimes they school you. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE ASSEMBLY The lowest expectation we have for teachers is to teach students something about a specific subject.

But teachers often do much more than that. Great teachers engage students and find ways to relate school topics to students lives. Sometimes teachers even squeeze in amazing life lessons too.

This featured video is an example of a life lesson given to a middle school student who challenged his teacher to a dance off. Based on the body language in the video, one can imagine that this challenge was delivered with much confidence and bravado.

This student probably thought, Teachers are squares, daddy-o*; they dont know whats hip and cool.

But what many students dont realize is that teachers had different lives before they were teachers; plus they have rich and full lives outside of school. So while this kid is no slouch with his dance moves, he definitely gets schooled in this dance off.

Luckily, hes a good sport and appears to have a little humility after all. For when he sees that hes been beat, he grins from ear to ear and condedes the point.

Ultimately, this kids gets two life lessons: 1. Dont judge a book by its very teachery cover; and 2. Good sportsmanship makes everything a little more fun.

To avoid confusion, please note that the video plays the dance-off twice.

*Im a square. I dont know what the cool kids say these days.
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