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Have You Seen This? Baby rhino frolics in first snow
Theres something special about experiencing snow for the first time, even if youre an adorable rhino calf. - photo by Martha Ostergar
TORONTO Theres something special about experiencing snow for the first time.

Even if your first reaction to that statement is wishing winter would end already, just stop and think about snow for a second.

Imagine youre walking around minding your own business when these shiny, white crystals start descending from the sky. Not just descending, but floating down gently, quietly, enveloping you in a sea of what may or may not be magical fairy dust.

Then the snow starts building up on the ground, and soon you find yourself fascinated by soft drifts of frozen water. As a bonus, the stuff is moldable enough to make a temporary sculpture or balls for weapons. Hours later, your cheeks are rosy and your exhaustion is happy and complete.

The little white rhino in this video may not have experienced the magic of a snowfall, but its keepers at the Toronto Zoo bought the joy of snowdrifts into the enclosure.

The calf has an adorable frolic that rivals any snow-excited dogs reaction. It runs, and skids, and rolls and stuffs its snout in the snow. The whole image is made adorably complete with the slight clumsiness every baby animal brings into the mix.

Maybe a few more days of winter isnt so bad after all.
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