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Get hyped for 'Stranger Things 2' with this Spotify easter egg(o) trick
Spotify has turned itself upside down ahead of the release of Strangers Things 2. - photo by Herb Scribner
Spotify has turned itself upside down ahead of the release of Stranger Things 2.

Spotify launched a spooky easter egg this week ahead of the show's arrival on Netflix in which the web player suddenly turns black and green and looks eerily reminiscent of The Upside Down, the alternate world seen in Stranger Things.

It wont affect the music youre playing, but it will add some floating spores and a flashlight beam to make your listening experience a little creepier, according to The Verge.

So how do you launch the easter egg? Simple.

Open the web version of the Spotify player. Play the Stranger Things soundtrack, and dont move your mouse.

It also only applies to the Stranger Things soundtracks sadly, I could not get Drake to take the plunge and Spotify only supports specific browsers, like Chrome, according to The Verge.

Stranger Things 2 launches this Friday, with all episodes available for streaming. Producers hope to keep the show running until at least season four, with the third season already confirmed.

Watch the trailer for the show's second season here.

So far, the show has received relatively positive reviews, according to Mashable. Most reviews suggest the second season leans too much on events, jokes and references from the first season to tread any new ground.
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