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'Fuller House' announces second season; fans unsure about sequel
"Fuller House" cast members, executive producer Jeff Franklin, and Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos at the "Fuller House" premiere in Los Angeles. - photo by Lindsey Williams
Just five days after the debut of Fuller House, the show announced a second season on Twitter, but some viewers remain undecided about the Netflix spinoff.

A repeated criticism of Fuller House, a sequel to the popular ABC sitcom "Full House," is that the sequel incorporates adult humor.

Speaking of awkward moments, the language seems unnatural and out-of-character for the family loving Tanners, Michele Gorman wrote in a Newsweek article. Uncle Jesse tells his wife, Becky, that she used to have a firm butt as a result of climbing the stairs when they lived in the attic.

The references surprised some fans of the previously G-rated Tanner family.

When Fuller House wasnt existing solely for the sake of nostalgia, the new story line was mostly composed of awkward sexual references and the new generation of adult characters enthusiastic use of their smartphones, Mia Summerson wrote in an article for the Niagara Gazette.

However, some still praise the show for reminding them of the past. In a Forbes article, Paul Tassi wrote that as much as he wanted to dislike Fuller House, he could not because of the memories it brought back.

The nostalgia effect is so intense that it drowns out the fact that the jokes hardly ever land and literally no other show like this exists in this day and age, Tassi wrote. But thats kind of the appeal, I guess. Its the ultimate form of time travel.

Jeff Franklin, the show's creator, told Business Insider that the show tried to maintain the elements of Full House.

"I knew that we have millions and millions and millions of fans out there that encompass three and a half generations now, and that those are going to be the people who initially tune in and watch the show, Franklin told Business Insider. I wanted to make 'Fuller House' a show that they would love, that would feel like 'Full House' and not like some different version of the show that these characters didn't quite fit into."

Fuller House premiered on Netflix on Feb. 26. The 13-episode season brought back all the members of the original "Full House" cast except Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who played Michelle Tanner.

The show follows the story of D.J. Tanner, a widowed single mother of three boys. D.J. Tanner returns to her childhood home to raise her boys with the help of her sister, Stephanie Tanner, and her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler.
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