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Fan posts records song, releases music video as a tribute to John Mayer
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Singer-songwriter Rick Hale has done some pretty special things in his life. He has performed stand-up comedy, appeared on "The Price is Right," and sat courtside at a Pheonix Suns game but there is one thing he still wants to do.

Since he was a teenager, Hale has idolized recording artist John Mayer and now he wants to express his gratitude for the influence the singer has had on him musically. However, he has chosen to do it in a bit of an untraditional way.

"Right now, all I am to John Mayer is one of like 800,000 Twitter followers and so far he has yet to respond to any of my tweets," said Hale in a YouTube video introducing his quest.

Hale wanted his introduction to Mayer to be special so he wrote Mayer a song to show him how the artist has influenced his life.

The song is titled "Uncle John" and was released to YouTube on October 5.

"I never saw John Mayer merely as a celebrity figure, or even just a great musician, Hale wrote in the bio of the YouTube video. "To me, he was more like a good friend or uncle who helped teach me how to play the guitar. He joined me and my friends on a lot of road trips, parties and he even sang at my wedding."

Hale said in his video that he doesn't see a casual encounter as sufficient to express his feelings to Mayer.

"I always wanted to meet him in real life and express my gratitude for the impact he has had on me, but I figured any exchange I might manage with someone of his celebrity would probably be brief and superficial."

Watch the video on YouTube here.
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