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Book review: Tahereh Mafi resurrects Shatter Me series with strong sequel
Tahereh Mafi is the author of "Restore Me." Mafi will be at the King's English Bookshop on Thursday, March 15. - photo by Tara Creel
"RESTORE ME," by Tahereh Mafi, HarperCollins, 448 pages (f) (ages 14 and up)

When the third book in the best-selling Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi came out in 2014, fans thought the series had come to an end. Mafi was content with the main character, Juliettes, journey, and felt her story was complete, she recently told Entertainment Weekly. Fast forward a couple of years to when Mafi was re-reading the series and she suddenly knew there was more story to tell.

Restore Me, the first of three scheduled books in the previously concluded Shatter Me series, starts up two weeks after the preceding installment ended. Juliette has claimed her position of supreme commander, a title she had to kill to obtain, and is tasked with leading Sector 45 into the new world.

Juliette thought since she had gained control over her deadly power, the ability to destroy with a single touch, that shed also be able to control a sector. She soon realizes there is much more to leadership than calling people to battle and struggles to find her footing.

The world of politics is full of intrigue and sometimes tragedy, and Juliette needs to navigate and overcome both or shell be back to square one and in control of nothing.

Mafi returns to the series without skipping a beat. Her familiar writing style and use of literary devices move the story along in pieces and punches, especially with the dual viewpoints of Juliette and Warner, Juliettes boyfriend and son of the former supreme commander.

The two narrators have distinct voices and bring individual emotional resonance to the story that makes this installment different from its predecessors. Both are dealing with the same events but viewing and handling them in their own ways.

The new secondary characters add danger, humor, tension and comfort to the story, bringing out fresh characteristics in the main characters the series has followed for years.

In moving forward with this series, Mafi not only paves a path into expanding the world she's built, but also reaches backward into the history of her characters and reveals new twists and turns that change everything.

Content advisory: Restore Me contains multiple scenes of mild violence, some swearing and sexual content.
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